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I think the length is within acceptable.
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You know, I think the length isn't too bad. It's a wee bit short for _my_ tastes, but some here might even disagree with that. The one quibble might be the fact that the back looks a little higher than the quarters, but it might be possible to take that out a touch.

The rule of thumb one often hears about jacket fit is that the bottom of the jacket should bisect your body from the neck down, like so:
Attachment 1191

This jacket, according to my quick measurement in photoshop, comes pretty close.
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This is the kind of stylistic knowledge that I have come to count on from you guys. I can't tell you how much I have learned in my few short months here. Thanks a lot.
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From the side, the vertical proportions look good. However, the pants and jacket front (maybe because of length-related gapping) make it look like you have a big stomach. The sleeves appear longer in the rear, which shouldn't be the case. Also, your shoulders seem to be slightly sloped and maybe rolled forward, which could either be masked by alterations or changed through exercise. Sorry to say, but all the pictures show a rather dull, boxy look. Maybe the photography hurts, but a good tailor could help. So could a lively shirt or tie.
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