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I have a few Seigo ties that I enjoy. I have been on more of a Sam Hober kick recently. To my knowledge, Seigo doesn't have any 7-fold. The limited editions seem to be the key to the store. I haven't yet found the right pattern and have only purchased basics. As others have pointed out, it's a good way to separate yourself from the hordes of Hermes print ties on the Upper East Side. Mark, are you certain he designs the pocket squares? I thought he told me that he got the silk from somebody in Kyoto (edit: may have been Kobe) that does kimonos.
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I made a trip up to Seigo a few months ago to check out their offerings and returned unimpressed. A lot of the designs are pretty wild, and the basics that they did have were already pretty well covered in my existing tie collection. These days I am content to simply buy Drakes, Holliday & Brown, and Battistoni ties on sale.
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Pantheraxe where to you get you drakes on sale in nyc?
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Originally Posted by kbuzz
Pantheraxe where to you get you drakes on sale in nyc?

Drake's ties go on sale at the end of the season at Barneys, Bergdorf, Oxxford Store, Paul Stuart, and Peter Elliot. With the exception of Barneys and Bergdorf which have Michael Drake on the label, the remaining venues sell Drake's as private label.

Oxxford Store, Paul Stuart, and Peter Elliot have some ties made by Drake among other manufacturers. Hit and miss.
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Apart from Barney's, Sierra Trading Post and Ben Silver also often have Drake's on sale. Also, a lot of the Hardy Amies ties sold on ebay are made by Drakes
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I stopped by the Seigo store on a recent trip to NYC and picked up a few of his ties. I expected them to be more...'different'. However, they are nice, and the limited edition ties are a nice touch.

While I was trying to find out more about Seigo ties I couldn't find any pictures of their ties. Here are the two I purchased for reference.

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Not sure about the color, but the floral pattern on the dark tie is nice.
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I like Seigo's tie. I can always find one or two I like once a while (do take a while to go through the entire store I have to say...). Usually I talk to the SA and say roughly what I want, and then they usually bring out about 20 piece that I could quickly eliminate down to 1 or 2.
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