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Fashion help...

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Hi, I will be attending a movie premiere next month and was hoping the experts on here could give me some advice on what to wear. My current wardrobe screams "banker" (Oxxford suits), which is definitely not the look I am going for at this function. I would love a "sophisticated yet fashionable" look if at all possible. Knowing many of the people who are attending, I suspect variants of the "truck driver" look will be quite popular (or whatever look was actually hip 6 months ago), so I want to go in the opposite direction. I am 6'0 about 150, and a size 40R. Obviously I would like to spend as little as possible, so any ebay auctions, bluefly, or yoox links you can point me to as well would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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How about this Castangia suit worn with a nicely cut spread collar, French cuff shirt, worn with the collar open? Castangia suits are cut slim and with a high gorge - the look is a lot younger than Oxxford. Plus it has patch pockets which lends it a bit of a casual, idiosyncratic air. But not so much that you can't wear it to work later.
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in my experience, there are two types of movie premiers; the small intimate ones where everyone dresses like they're going to a nightclub (wear a suit), and the larger, public affairs with red carpet and such. if you're attending one of the larger premiers, everything depends on where you'll be sitting (read: who invited you.) generally, there will be a few rows roped off in the middle section of the theater for the v.i.p.s; director, cast, producers, etc... if you're going to be sitting there, i recommend you get dressed up in your most fashionable outfit. however, the other 80% of the people attending will have won their tickets from a radio contest, or some other promotion, and they'll be dressed the way normal people dress when they go see a movie. many of them are simply hardcore fans of the film's star or director, and if you sit with them, be careful not to overdress. also, there are "cast and crew screenings" where the production company rents out a theater to show the final cut of the film to everyone who worked on it. the cast rarely shows up, unless it's a low budget film, and the audience will consist of the crew and their friends. these are decidely casual affairs, and you could simply wear a t-shirt and jeans if you wanted to.
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Thanks for the replies.  It will be more of an intimate type affair, so, like matadorpoeta said, I think a suit is the way to go. Mr. Harris, I like your suggestion.  What is the level of quality of Castangia suits?  Is 660 a good price?  I like the look of it, but I was also looking at some Helmut Lang suits on Yoox that were a bit more as well as this Canali suit, which is 780.  I am not sure if the Canali is as stylish as the others.   Thanks again.
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Sartoria Castangia is a world-class suit. I think they are as good as Brioni. I'm sure there are some differences in construction details but all the essentails are there - canvas front, basted lapels, handpicking (some Castangia suits have more handpicking than ANY other brand,) handsewn buttonholes and more. Not as much handwork as Oxxford but you would have to be a tailor (or as LA guy calls me, a clothes nerd :-) to be able to tell the difference. Retail was appx. $2500-$3000 at Bergdorf when they carried them. They are a FAR better suit than Canali. I don't have much experience with Helmut Lang but I would guess that the construction quality is not on the level of Canali. I own a Castangia suit and have sold several more - $660 is a great price. I usually put them on ebay for $750 and sell them right away. A quick note - "Castangia" suits are still nice but "Sartoria Castangia" is the really good stuff.
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