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J Crew sizing help! Please.

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So I know the Website has a sizing chart, but I am solidly between S and XS for a cardigan. Can anyone help. I would like it to be slim, not too tight, and going down not more than an inch below my belt.

Here are my stats:

Height 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Waist: 28-30
Sleeves: 31-2
Chest: 34-36
I dont have measurements for my shoulders, but I am not too broad. I am a small, skinny person.

Can anyone help me?

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XS is my guess.
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back when i had a 35" chest the xs fit me well, when my chest got to 36 it started pulling a bit on the chest buttons though. if i remember correctly the pit-to-pit measurement was 19" or 19.5" if that helps
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Probably an extra small, but it is likely that the sleeves will be too long for you. I fall between the XS and S in J Crew and have just decided to look elsewhere for sweaters that fit better (not that I have found them at a similar price point, yet).
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I'm a little bigger than you (4" taller, 36 chest, maybe 33 sleeves), and XS still does it for me for the shirts. I guess it depends on the fit you want - XS will probably make for a pretty tight sweater.
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fourthing XS my j. crew shirts measure about 16" across the shoulders and 19.5" across the chest.
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Thanks a lot! I'd assume XS. Its a cardigan though, so it has buttons.

Is XS really the best bet?
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does anybody know what the pit to pit or shoulder measurements are for small?
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