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Cheapo slip ons

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Hey anyone know where to get them from australia?ive seen it on the waywt thread. i think its k-mart specials or something... anyone can relate to me how much they will be and hows their sizing? issit same as vans? thanks
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ive got some dunlop volleys, they can be had at target for about 50 bucks. I went to dfo and got them for about 30 i saw some pretty cheap canvas ones (faux denim) at lowes for 15 bucks, and there are some at big w. good luck!
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can they all be found at perth? and i need pics or descriptions cuz my dads going( cant tell the diff from a slip on and chucks )....i gotta give him information and he'll just pick it up from me..thanks for info..
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Try Target - I think there's one in the Hay St. mall in Perth.

Here's some of what they currently have - pics are at the bottom:
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mmm pretty nice thanks....but any afraid about the sizing...dun wanna waste so much if they dun fit me

i quite like number 5...any others which are more to the plain side and have no particular branding?
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I like those (5 and the argyle)... can we get them in the states?
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i dont know but i really like the white perforated ones and the sequined ones.
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i dont think that you guys get them over there, however i read something about specialised dunlop volley shops over there. the original volley (not pictured) is hands down the greatest shoe for grip (great for climbing, tennis etc)... if you REALLY want those at the bottom, i can probably ship some over to you! i've got ones like those white perforated, except they're in a checkerboard pattern! pretty sweet. except without the pink sole
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