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other pictures


Rendenbach soles 6 mm, pre-cut in the tannery (not from split bends)




Cognac and white (deep inside, almost not seen) leather was used for lining



The tongue is sewn into the lining at the inner side of a foot

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They look superb nod[1].gif
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Damian, those look amazing, I'm jealous!

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I am going to Warsaw new month, I"ll visit him, and try to find a nice pair of boots !
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I visited Mr. Januszkiewicz last week and can share some recent numbers for chukka boots similar to the one shown in post #54 of this thread. The cost was 2400 PLN plus 90 PLN for the shoe tree. Shipping was at cost and the expected arrival time as 8-9 weeks. As I did not speak Polish, he had to ask a neighboring merchant for translation help and thankfully the person assisted.


I'm not sure why the cost was 33% more than that quoted in the original post but it could be several things: the leather used, an adjustment to the relative strength of the USD (up ~25% against the PLN since 2010) or the result of increased demand. At the end of the day I wasn't bothered by it but I thought others might be interested in current prices. He is a very nice and accommodating man, as I found many Poles to be.

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Originally Posted by Fives View Post

The cost was 2400 PLN plus 90 PLN for the shoe tree.

In case anyone else was wondering 2490PLN = 666.578USD via XE currency conversion.
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As to the prices - mainly because of high demand
If somebody is looking for help when placing order at Januszkiewicz - asking for assistance at But w Butonierce forum, may be good solution
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Is his shoe trees bespoke - standard og adjusted ?

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Has anybody experienced JANUSZKIEWICZ shoes being to big? The pair he made for me, was so big, that I could take my foot out of the shoes, even when they were laced - and he of course agreed to look at them again - but the problem is still the same ? Even with laced shoes - I can take out my foot completely.


And the same thing happened with my Jan Kielman shoes - which are still too big - even though they have had two tries to fix it ?

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How does TJ deal with international business? If I were passing through Warsaw long enough to get measured well, would he ship the results overseas, or would I have to bribe a hotel concierge to come and collect it for me?
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TJ - Can send it to you ! But the trouble would be to communicate with him - he understands absolutely no english or even attempts to communicate non verbally. He has send me shoes before - My third time receiving shoes now - and now their way to small :S I would look elsewhere.

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@Concordia I recommend you to ask for help somebody from Polish But w Butonierce forum




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Well, he is on the same street as Kielman, I think. And there's a hotel on that block that could perhaps send somebody to interpret.

The price of failure would be a tip to him/her, and an order at Kielman.
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please send me a private message - I will help you.


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Update: Damian has indeed helped, and most helpfully. smile.gif As it happens, TJ speaks no English, doesn't take plastic or PayPal, and won't give out his bank account number for wire transfers. So Damian has kindly offered to facilitate all ends of the transaction.

FWIW, the street that TJ's shop is on appears to be a semi-famous club/restaurant district. While Jan Kielman has a very visible, old-English-looking shop, TJ's is on a little square between two larger buildings about a block away. Hard to find in the evening, especially since he doesn't actually have his name over the door.

Anyway, we'll see how it all goes. Nothing fancy or fashionable-- just some classic Oxfords in the pipeline.
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