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wood chopping

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there is an exersize, done with a barbell with weights on one side only, used to strengthen the core, called, I believe, wood chopping, or something similar. I am having a little trouble with it, and would like to see an illestration - anybody have a link to a demo of this excersize?
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I'm not familiar with it, but google yielded this result. Maybe the same motion, but with a barbell. http://www.sissel-online.com/exercis...icine_ball.php
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thanks - with a barbell you stand in a stance with one foot foreward - I was trying to remember if the foot foreward was the one closest to the barebell or farethest, if that makes sense and anybody knows.
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are you doing the one where you put one end of the barbell into the corner and put a bunch of weight on the other side? then, you grab the weighted end and swing it overhead?

if so, it's called many things, like a reverse barbell woodchopper, corner barbell twist, "the cornerstone", etc...

here's pavel's version which, i think, is standard.


or, you can do john davie's version (he's a respected strength trainer). what he does is when you do the twist, you take a big explosive step so that your outer foot becomes parallel to your inner foot in respect to the corner. in other words, your shoulders become perpendicular to the barbell.
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thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for - I was having trouble with the foot placement.
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