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Arethusa i paid $275 nz for my costumes...yay for a local boutique bringing out old stock year after year...
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still want these:
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these too:
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Originally Posted by haptronic
maybe not as combat as the admittedly beautiful boots of xcoldricex...but i love my CoSTUME NATIONAL combat inspired painted suede boots from a few seasons ago...

I have a pair of Nubuck Menichetti's that look very similar to this in a medium brown color. They are taller though. I think that black jump boots or something can be a bit much, but worn with jeans, a toned down designer pair (yes, the imo, the designer pairs look better on the street, though they are not as tough as real combat boots) can look sharp, espexially in the winter.

I have to say that I hardly ever wear mine though. Biker inspired boots (2001 Prada) and zip ups (Costume National 2002) are my go to boots on the odd occasion I'm not wearing kicks.
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Alfredo Bannister!
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alfredo makes combats?
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
alfredo makes combats?
Yeah, definitely....

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Originally Posted by minya
Yeah, definitely....

How much do these run? They're amazing
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they're 37,000 - 40,000 yen I have the top pair, in a dark mottled brown. They are incredible. I really want the middle pair next.
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Are there any good looking, functional combat type boots at more approachable prices (eg 150ish)? The Corcoran's aren't bad, but I'm not so confident about the quality, and everything else seems to either be ugly or poorly made or both.
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yeah, i was gonna say...minya has to post pics of those boots that were in the "latest purchases" thread. really nice boots. 40,000.00 JPY Japan Yen = 340.861 USD United States Dollars are they only available from Japanese sources? -Jeff
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Check out the latest issue of Men's Non-no. There is a special 8-10 page spread of just hundreds of boots from different labels in every price range, color, style. If you can't find a boot you like in there, it's a lost cause. I own these two:
Alfredo Bannister


They aren't functional nor practical. But neither am I.

I might sell my bannisters for the new lad's though.... God are they beautiful...
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Careful, you guys are treading dangerously close to Vass with those last ones... and with the prices you're quoting on some of these, you may as well order up Vass cordovan U last combat boots.
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Originally Posted by CommieRabbit
I'm a fan of these American ww2 paratrooper boots from here:

There's also a lower shaft standard infantry version that I sometimes see floating around the internet (but mostly repros on reenactement sites):

Personally I like them because they aren't as chunky or ugly as most combat boots, plus they have a sorta classy vintage feel to them IMO.

I used to wear something almost identical to these jump boots. they were extremly comfortable and durable, and they held a great shine and had a nice patina. I wouldn't think so much of wearing them with a suit, or outside of the army. though.
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