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Sugarcane's New Jeans

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They never fail to impress me .....
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Truly. The google translator implodes in the translation attempt; it is the correct reaction:

It is the stone wall island peculiar plant in dyeing the warp,” the luck wood ([hukuki])” with” the crimson dew (cool)” is to be used.
In the loop the left specially made and” the tea surge (the towel)” the place where it applies and the samisen you insert under that
The pocket (you can receive also carrying and the like) it is attached.
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The un-eveness of the denim reminds me alot of Helmut Lang. Looks really tempting.
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wow... i can imagine how it will look after 6 months..... should be something unique!!
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that extra pocket is a bit silly, but otherwise they look great
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I think those are ridiculous. Wouldn't be caught dead in them.
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I would kill to be caught dead in them. I wonder how they will fade... Someone has to find out--------for research.
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I'm guaranteed that the denim is fantastic but I'm not feeling them at all. They're too busy. Too fussy.
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shit. i just got out of rehab.
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I like those jeans. On that website you can actually buy levis 501 that have a leather tag and selvedge that aren't lvc. why not in america? Lame
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Look nice, don't like that pocket or whatever that is though.
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the thing about them is that they're a collabo with the rock group BEGIN from Okinawa. they are probably the biggest group out of Okinawa and was a big reason for the rise in popularity of Okinawan music on the Japanese mainland.

thus, the okinawan habu snake patch and okinawan fabric and dye. plus, there is some kind of thing for traditional okinawan sanshin guitar but i couldn't understand the googlese.

probably not most american's cup of tea, but probably nice for die-hard BEGIN fans...
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I'm kinda into it, but the superfluous side pocket thing is a problem for me. It looks like it could be removed with minimal fuss, though.
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What happened to Canes being all about repro and the workwear aesthetic?
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not all their stuff is workwear, look at the okinawa's and hawaiis..
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