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Slim-fit khakis?

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Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone can recommend some khakis (or chinos or whatever you want to call them) that have a slim, narrow fit through the seat and leg. It seems like most brands out there are too baggy in the leg for me. I usually wear D&G jeans because I find they have the best fit, I also have some Ralph Lauren RRL line that fit pretty well. For dress pants, I usually stick with D&G, Prada, Helmut Lang, etc. because of the slim cut; however, I don't believe these designers make plain, conservative cotton khakis and I can't find any by anyone that are slim cut. When I wear khakis, I usually wear Polo or Banana Republic but they are so baggy I don't even bother wearing khakis much anymore. Any recommendations would be appreciated.,
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What you're looking for is a contradiction - khakis are army-wear, made for freedom of movement. They're supposed to be loose fitting, baggy, and functional - a uniquely American thing which is tough to find in Euro designer wear. IIRC the closest thing I've ever found is from one of those mainstream Euro brands like Mexx or Matinique (I forget specifically which) - it was a khaki type material, but cut & sewn like jeans, with true western pockets so they could pass for khakis (i.e. they really didn't look like jeans.) Failing that, have them custom made. Any good tailor or men's shop should be able to accomodate you, often for less than the price of designer labels. There seem to be alot of stores promoting made to measure items these days (at least in my area).
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Have you tried the Gavin cut chinos from Banana Republic? I also wear D&G jeans and like the slim cut of those and I also have trouble finding khakis that fit well. Give those a try, BR also makes (or used to make) these 5-pocket stretch cotton pants that fit me well.
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I have a pair of khakis from Diesel that are slim around the hips and thighs, so maybe check out them. Also I seen some almond colored corduroy pants in a jean cut from Miu Miu recently at Saks, so maybe you can check to see if they are also making khakis this season or go with the pair of cords.
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Two possibilities come to mind. Lands End offers what they call "chino jeans," or (what else?) chinos cut like jeans. They come in several different colors including khaki, if memory serves. Also check out J. Crew, as they often seem to have slim cut versions of their trousers.
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Two possibilities come to mind. Lands End offers what they call "chino jeans," or (what else?) chinos cut like jeans.
Lands End is also making "Tailored Fit" Cotton/Twill Trousers. That may be an option, but I haven't tried. I did tried the Hyanis Chino at Brooks Bros. It was flat, slim cut, and non cuffed. I liked it a lot. The only reason I didn't purchased it was because I may want to wait for a 15% sale.
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If you can find them you might like the Runway chino from Polo - it's a slim fit with a narrow leg. I just checked they're not on anymore but it looks like they have a similar pair called the Military Chino Custom Fit Pant:
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Davide Cenci; Rome, Milan, NY Grayson
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I think Incotex makes some of Cenci's trousers, at least that was what I was told in Roma. Other suggestions: Incotex Formale/Informale Rota Belvest Borrelli Loro Piana Mabitex Although I must admit I don't know how much they change the fit for the American market. The one's I bought from Italy are slim fitted.
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Luciano Barbera.
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I'll second the recommendation for Lands' End. At 6'3" and 160 lbs., with no butt, I find they're the best fitting pants I own (they also sell them in my size--30 waist, 36 inseam).
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You will find exactly what you are looking for from Prada. The pants are made from cotton and some elasticine, khaki color. Cut slim throughout, slightly stretchy, wonderfully comfortable, goes with everything, more attractive look, style, drape than standard cotton chinos. Really nice. I found mine in NM.
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Slim: Façonnable (those sold in France) Barba Incotex Helmut Lang Extra-slim: Hackett (made by Cordings)
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I wear both the Gavin from Banana Republic and the lands end custom chino's. I find the LE, once you get them to get a good pattern will be a better fit, but the BR Gavins are the most comfortable and I wear these a lot....I like the look and detail of the Gavin better as well.
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