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Exclusive Barker Black US9. Only the 2nd pair made- new design/ colour combination

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I am a reputable, reliable seller with excellent feedback and references here and on ebay (around 200 feedback, 100% positive). Bigbris, Hroi, Distinctive, Fence28, Baubau, Bmulford, Madaboutshirts, TexasLidig8r, Fang66, AgWagon, Torrente, Gators241987, chuck schick, GoldenTribe, jesta1004 and more- I have sold to all of these members who can provide excellent feedback- please look up their comments.
International shipping is by 'Royal Mail International Signed For'. For shoes/anything under 2kg- $10 UK, $15 Europe, $25 worldwide. Please add this to selling price of each item.
I will be as fair as I can and each item sells to the first confirmed commitment to buy via PM. Reasonable offers welcome.

1. These are new and exclusive and first quality not seconds. A brand new design from Barker Black. In fact, these are the second pair produced from a new run and were hard to get! Different medallion to Archdale and rare colour. Exquisite quality- they come new in the box as shown. They are US9, UK8 and you will not find them anywhere else yet. An oxblood type colour and absolutely immaculate. One of the best pairs of shoes I have seen for a long while. ADDED- I noticed a tiny scratch on the tip of the right shoe maedallion- irrelevant I think and only seen if shoe held close up.
$750>$675>$615>$599>$565>$549>$525 reduced for Xmas- buyer pulled out so still available
NOW ONLY $489>$460!!!

2. Crombie brown suede boots with buckle US10.5. Crombie are a very high end British brand. The shoes were traditionally made in Northampton but this has changed. This is from the brand new line which are now made in Italy. They are clearly of very high quality (Blake constrcution) although Crombie will not divulge which Italian maker is involved. UK9.5, US10.5. Beautiful construction, dark brown suede.
Please ring Crombie flagship London store who will confirm the selling price of $460 (dollar equivalent) when they arrive- I have these before they got to the shop!
Even on ebay they are being sold at $366 (£225 plus shipping)!! I am actually making a loss here but trying to get money for Xmas so these are a huge bargain. SOLD
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those look awesome, had in luck in those Barker Blacks in a 9?
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I am price reducing these by 10% due to a tiny scratch I just noticed at the tip of the medallion on the right shoe which makes zero difference in my opinion and is not seen unless really close up. It is minor but I always aim to be fair and straight forward so down to $675. That is a decent saving on a very rare shoe.
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Isn't this thread just a repost of the same item at the same price as this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=208698
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>5% price drop to $615. I am cutting it fine now to get some Xmas money. These are good value for a pretty exclusive pair of shoes.
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New addition ie Loake boots.
Barker Blacks reduced to $599. I want the money for these to buy Xmas presents so get an offer in- they are exclusives and firsts so they are a bargain- I may accept a near offer.
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Those Barker Blacks are stunning shoes. Good luck.
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Price drop on Loakes. Now only $175 (12.5% drop). Also waiting for reasonable offer on the Barker Blacks.
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>5% reduction on Barker Black shoes. Come on- need some Xmas money. Get an offer in! Loake sold.
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Beautiful new Crombie Italian made brown suede boots added.
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those crombies are nice! any chance of getting them in a UK9?
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Good Seller.
Btw is the the Archdale in OxBlood? Nice.
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Price drops on both. Loake is over 5% drop.
Oh and the Barker Blacks are not Archdales- different medallion.
Thank you.
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Sent a PM re payment info.
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Further price drops- willing to take a loss to fund Xmas shopping.
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