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Father - Physician Mother - Software Engineer (but quit to take care of the kids, my older brother & I)
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Mother - Calf model
Father - Professional Jai Alai player
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single mom - 3 jobs, like 50k a year dad - idk
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Mom was a principal in the DOENYC, and then retired to become a principal in a Catholic School on Staten Island. Dad has been a principal at an all-girls Catholic HS for nearly 35 years, so although high school was a blast for me (my dad arranged all the European trips with his schools, thanks pop!) I basically had little choice when it came to a was in the genes I suppose. BTW, yes, my childhood (aside from the girls) sucked, because I wasn't the best student. They were the children of working class Brooklynites (both grandfather were truck drivers, one of whom supplemented his income with OC) and it was my grandparents who raised me as my folks were ALWAYS working. They also split and got back together twice, once when I was 15, the next I was 19. They are now together and much happier than I ever remember them.
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Living? My mother is six feet under.*

My father is "retired" ... but he and I invest jointly.

* I'll never forget the day ... "Now this coffin will protect your dear mother for twoooo hundred years." My nephew responded, "Oh no, she won't need it for that long. She liked to shop, she'll have a new one way before then."
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Mom - Nothing. Dad - Oil & Gas Tycoon.
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Father - No idea. Don't care. Mum - Nurse.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
Mom - Nothing.
Dad - Oil & Gas Tycoon.
Murphy Oil by chance?
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My father has been dead for decades and, as far as I can determine, my mother's sole occupation was smoking, eating, and living off the pension she gets from my dead father. She was quite a role model.
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Dad owns/runs several businesses, primary one is a mortgage brokerage.
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Dad is a dental technician (not as lucrative as it sounds ) Mom is a dental assistant
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
... mother's sole occupation was smoking ...
My mother chain smoked Lucky Strikes ... which might explain why she is now six feet under.
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My father was in the air force and my mother was a nurse. Both are now happily retired and running a B&B on Lake Ontario. During the off season, they vacation (currently in the D.R., but they're going to France in the Spring - not that I envy them or anything).
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mother former nurse, now acupuncturist. father, specialist on clean room tech. stepfather, tycoon.
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Mom: CPA, but currently working as a nurse's assistant Dad: Chef at a chinese restaurant.
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