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What do your parents do for a living?

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My dad is a locksmith who is self-employed and my mom does book work for a machine shop that her fiance's son owns. The poll is for parents annual income, you can select more than one if you'd like.
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You did not give me an option.

My Dad is deceased and my Mom is retired in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for many years.
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my mom is going on permanent disabilty but was director of a social services organization in brooklyn for years. my grandparents helped but i grew up pretty fucking poor.
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My parents own a dry cleaners....and we are Korean. Who would have thunk it??? They both started receiving social security in about a year ago...but they are still going strong, running their business every day.
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Accounting and programming.
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small business owner and receptionist for a doctor.
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My dad is a professor/researcher at a uni, mom teaches french.
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Heavy equipment operator and nurses aide.

To this day I have no idea what my parents made. Income wasn't something discussed at my house. But I have a general ballpark.
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Restaurant of the Chinese variety.
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My mom was a music/English teacher until her brain exploded and my dad was a self-employed advertising-type dude/boozer.
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Both of my parents work for the government, in exchange they get decent salaries, good benefits and the hatred of Tea Partiers everywhere.
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My father is an engineer, designs and improves turbines and gives seminars from time to time.

My mother has a degree in literature, and was a teacher until she gave birth to my younger sister (that was 30 years ago).
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Mom worked insane hours to put dad through grad school in physics, then stopped once he got a job.

Dad worked at NASA for 35 years -- lots of stuff related to spectrum management and tracking stations. No clue where on the GS schedule he ended up, but it was pretty substantial for government work.

He retired in January. They bought a canal boat in Amsterdam a few months ago and will spend half of every year on it meandering toward Paris. Mom volunteers at the Smithsonian. They're busier (and having more fun) in retirement than they ever were with work/raising kids.
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Both my folks are retired. Dad used to work for a supermarket and my mom used to work for a bank.
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Mother died in 1982; dad in 1990. So nothing.
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