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Happy Thanksgiving

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Peace and happiness to you and you're families.
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
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Happy Thanksgiving, you dopes.
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Yes, a happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Happy Thanksgiving, ladies. EZ
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Here here!
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Gobble gobble homies. to the furriners - Happy Thursday!
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To all be safe, and enjoy the holiday.

A whole lotta eating and drinking is going to go on tomorrow.

Drive carefully.
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Had Thanksgiving meal tonight. Wife has to work at Hospital in the am. Food was great, lots of family and my mom was here, most likely this is her last one with us. Hospice has started to become part of our lives and hers. Special night for us. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well.
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Happy Thanksgiving all.
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Originally Posted by BernieStevens View Post
Happy Thanksgiving all.

^This, from me as well.
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Happy Thanksgiving, gents. My thanks to all of you for the love and the entertainment.
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Happy Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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