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winter boots

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what options do i have for good-looking winter boots? i'm looking at around $80-150 although I could go higher.

i don't really have any idea of what to expect in winter shoes, so please inform me =].
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I'm curious as well. I wore canvas jack purcells all winter last year, which was just retarded with 2 feet of snow I'm thinking about picking up some leather high tops and wool socks.
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Doc Martens and Visvim 7-holes for me.
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Where do you live? Winter boots needs are different in LA or Chicago or Winnepeg.
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I have a solid black pair of Timbs for there's a lot of snow on the groud. Otherwise I wear my regular shoes/snakers.
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Foe me in Edmonton, Alberta; I generally am able to get by with whatever shoes fow school, etc...Then own literal winter boots (sorels) and North Face Hiking Boots for trudging throught the snow.
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I like to wear NEOS over whatever shoe I want to be wearing whenever I get to wherever I'm going.
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I hope they are the white food processing ones. Those look awesome. But yeah, those look like a great option. How is the inside? Will it scuff up polished shoes?
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