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Sock staining probelm

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I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar problem I'm having, whereby my dark coloured socks (navy and charcoal in particular) always stain the inner lining of my shoes.

I've recently been smartening up my wardrobe and have bought 4 pairs of Crockett and Jones shoes, and I've been wearing them with white sport socks (the horror!!) for fear of ruining the rather nice lining by wearing more appropriately coloured socks.

I'd be interested if there was a way to avoid this.

I usually wear standard cotton socks (these,
which I always wash at a high temp, to theoretically wash out any dye that may bleed whilst wearing.... to no avail.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Nobody can see the lining when you're wearing the shoes.
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yes , this is no need to worry. i dont know how a sock would "stain" the lining of a shoe, maybe after prolonged wear, the perspiration and friction created by it may allow some rubbing and make the fabric come off of the sock onto the shoe, but unless you do have some very badly made low quality socks, you should not have a problem with staining?

the main problem here is that if your shoe lining or something inside will stain your lighter socks. but it should not happen here with your quality shoes.
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