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I went to the model U.N. all four years and I don't think you will need anything more than then a well fitting, simple navy or gray suit. Most of the other students wore a navy blazer and pants for the better dressed and just a shirt and tie for the majority. This was the model U.N. in NY.

Enjoy yourself , don't waste the time worrying about your suit. It was some of the best times I had in school, enjoy it.

The seller is good, I have purchased suits from them before and they are on the slower side in shipping but honest.
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It should be noted that I have had VERY mixed success with this seller. I've bought a number of items from them and appx. 2/3 of the items arrived significantly not as described. Meaning significant flaws such as mothholes etc. that were not noted in the auctions. I think they just do not inspect the items very well before posting. On the other hand, they have never given me any trouble as far as refunding my money goes. But since the items would have to be shipped to Japan and possibly back, you might consider it.
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NVM. i think i found out.
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Good luck, el rojo.
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