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1/26 more added: Shirts: Finamore, Alea, RLPL, Zegna, Borrelli & More!

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The first brand I'd like to introduce is Mastai Ferretti. The shirts are beautiful: they are made of fine cotton; the buttons are, of course, MOP, the buttonholes are clearly hand-cut and hand-sewn; they are attached with a fleur-de-lise stitch; and the shirt has gussets. They are all made in Italy. 1. Size 15.75/40. Slim cut (darted back). 50--->45 2. 15.75 dress shirt w/ club collar and thin brown stripes. Darted slim fit. --- The next brand I'd like to introduce to you is called Alea. Yesterday was my first introduction and I'm pretty much blown away. All shirts are made of extra-fine cotton and are quite stylish. All of them have large MOP buttons and beautiful hand-cut and hand-sewn buttonholes. The first shirt listed below is from their "hand made" collection. It is as hand-made as is a Borrelli. It has sleeve, shoulder, button tab and gusset stitching. It has a split collar and large, MOP buttons attached by fleur-de-lise stitching. Quite a shirt. And while this is the only of the shirts listed below that have hand-detailing, I am including it in this run mainly to just show you the company's aspirations and caliber. Top of the line! Enjoy! 3. Size 16/41. Handmade. [SOLD] 4. NWT 16/41. $55 5. NWT 16/41. $55 6. Size 16/41 button-down oxford. $55 7. Striped dress-shirt. 16/41. $55 8. Size 16/41. $55 Here are the measurements: The shoulder is 17.75", the chest is 22.25" and the waist is 20.5" 9. Size 16/41 Tuxedo shirt w/ winged collar. 10. NWT (but "Alea" label missing) Alea shirt, size 17.5/44 --- 11. Pre-worn handmade Isaia shirt. Size 17/43. $45 The neck is 17", ptp is 25", shoulder is 20" and the sleeves are 25.75". 12. Preworn Turnbull and Asser shirt. Size 16.5. $40 13. Preworn Ralph Lauren Black Label White dress shirt with FC. Size 17. [SOLD] 14. NWOT Zegna dress shirt, size 17/43. $50 15. Pre-worn Facconable shirt. 100% linen. MOP buttons. Perfect condition! $25-->20-->17-->14-->10 The sleeve is 34.75", the length is 31", the chest is 25.5" and the waist is 25". 16. Pre-worn 100% linen Polo Ralph Lauren shirt. MOP buttons. $20-->17-->15-->12 17. NWT Zegna dress shirt. Size 15.5/39. 75% cotton, 25% linen. This combination of fabrics is unbelievable. It's hard to explain in words, but it feels unbelievably strong, yet soft, textured, yet silky. A truly fabulous fit and look. You'll just have to take it from me Contrast collar/cuffs. White with brown stripes. $90-->86-->79-->74-->70 17. Borrelli, Size XL. p2p is 26". Asking for 110...102--->95-->90-->84-->80 18. Isaia NWT 17/43 Tuxedo shirt. $110...102-->95-->90-->84-->80 19. Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit dress shirt with club collar & MOP buttons. 16/33. $60-->56-->51-->45--->40 20. NWT Zegna off-white FC dress shirt. 17/43 $90-->85-->79-->74-->68. 21. NWT Polo Ralph Lauren lavender oxford. X-large MOP buttons. Size 17/35. $60-->56-->51--->45-->40 (ALSO AVAILABLE NWOT FOR $40) 22. NWT Zegna size M 100% wool ribbed tutleneck. $130-->125--->115-->108--->100 Remember, it's ribbed, so it's meant to stretch a bit. Chest: 18.5"; Waist: 17.5"; Length (boc): 29"; Sleeve (from center of neck): 37" 23. NWT RLBL White FC shirt, size 17.5, $65-->59 24. NWT RLPL polo shirt. double layered with small hole pattern. Extremely soft and comfortable. Size M. $65-->60-->55 25. NWT RLBL knit vest/waistcoat. This is interesting, as it has the structure of a regular waistcoat, complete with the back-belt and pockets, but it is a cotton knit. MOP buttons. Size S. $100-->90 26. Preworn (medium condition) Finamore FC shirt, 16.5/42. Completely handmade (pickstitching everywhere). $35 27. Preworn (excellent condition) RLPL size L white dress shirt. Button cuff. $35 28. NWT Ike Behar 16-R button-down shirt. MOP buttons. Great fabric. $35 29. RLBL 100% cashmere dark-brown cardigan. Perfect condition. $100
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pm'd on Borrelli Luxury Vintage shirt.
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I'm sorry I missed that Borrelli- great price
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Some very nice stuff here!
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thanks much for Borrelli vintage - glad I snagged it!
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Just reduced prices
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Just cut prices even more!
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wow, really nice stuff! and fantastic prices!
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Great stuff, can't wait to get my shirt!
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The XXL Orange linen RLPL shirt is MINE! GO BIG ORANGE!
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More major price cuts!
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Nice linen shirts.
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Some shirt prices have been cut and a whole lot of sweaters has been added!
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New stuff and even lower prices!
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OP ships very fast! thanks!
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