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Good tailor in Vancouver? - Page 36

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any recommendations on a place that does good alterations on suits? need to do buttonholes and let out the back a bit.

oakridge tailors are good but looking for alternatives

anyone else? preferably downtown vancouver
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As far as I know, Modern Tailors can do button holes and are in chinatown.
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I think it's Modernize. They're the only tailor with a proper button hole machine in Vancouver AFAIK.


I think it's a bit unknown as to what state of retirement all the fellows are at as they're getting on but I think they're still open.

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Went to modernize. They hired a young girl who was learning.
They were charging 200 for hemming, pant waist, button holes on sleeves, sleeve shortening and suit jacket waist trimming...

That was more than I expected coming from a person who was still training
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I've had good experiences with Townline, although it's been a few years since I've been there.

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