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I've ordered a very affordable made to measure from Blair Shapera.  The suit is only $800, and is half canvassed.  Obviously your choice of material affects the cost.  There are not that as many customisation options as one would like, but it seems what this MtM operation has done is to create the best cost-benefit trade off they can, for a MtM suit in a RtW price point.  There are four silhouettes available, essentially slim, slim-regular, regular, and ample.  So, you start with, of course, getting as close as you can in the base fit.  They also come in half-sizes, e.g. 36, 37, and 38.  So, there is a lot of incremental change available in just the regular sizes.  One can order two-button notch, or one-button peak jackets, or double breasted.  So, your options there are limited, but what most people would want/need is covered.  My jacket was in the slim fit silhouette, and my options were a 2.5" or a 3" lapel.  If I'd have been able to choose exactly, I'd have gone with 3.25", so that didn't really bother me.  In the slim-reg fit, your options are 3" or 3.5".  My pants are in the slim-reg fit, with the thighs brought in.  It seems a lot more room is available for adjustments on the pants.  And, the fact that I could get the pants, and jacket in different silhouettes was great.


As one might expect on a low-price product, add-ons are where they seem to make their money.  Surgeon cuffs are $55, a ticket pocket is $45 (Blair threw that in for free for me, because he thought it was overpriced) and upgrading from fused to half-canvassed construction is $25 (obviously I opted for this), and adding a waistcoat would have cost me $245.  WThe pockets can be straight, or very slightly slanted.  I'm sure we could debate over whether this is truly made to measure, or just made to order, if we want to get into semantics.  But, value for your dollar, so long as you want something fairly standard,  these seem to be one of the better deals around.  It's about what you'd pay for an online MtM suit, but you're ordering it through a tailor, who has a relationship with the maker, and does the final alterations, etc.  It's also about what you'd pay for a similar (and often lesser) quality suit RtW.  Overall I'm quite pleased so far.  Here are pictures from my second fitting, when the suit arrived last week.