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I found John Kelsall(Kelso) contact.


He can be reached at John's cell number at (905) 330-953


through facebook


I hope you all get your money back!

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I haven't gone through the entire thread, but is there anyone here from Ontario that was had by Toronto Custom Suits?  I spent $1600 on a 3 piece suit for my wedding, which is in three weeks.  Just found out that he has gone insolvent.  Looking at how many people this guy has put into crisis before their weddings, something needs to be done.

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I am the owner of Vancouver Custom Suits. If anyone wants to get in touch with me directly, please email I am actively checking the email. John

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OK John, perhaps you could answer these questions then (PM me if you prefer):


I met you over the Canada Day weekend when I came in to order a suit for my wedding. You promised me that my suit was not being made overseas.  I asked you, straight up, if that was the case.  You said no; your cheap suits were made in Montreal, the expensive ones (like mine) were made in Toronto.  The fabric came from overseas, in Italy.  If what you told me was true, please provide me with the name/contact info of your tailor in Toronto.  Please also provide me with the name/contact info of your fabric supplier in italy.  These are not unreasonable requests.


Second, it appears based on your testimony and others, that you were in financial trouble before I purchased my suit (July long weekend).  If that is the case, where did my money go?  It obviously didn't go to the manufacturer that ran away with your money, because a) you swore to me my suit wasn't being manufactured outside of Canada and b) you would have already begun to, as you say: " continue to make as many suits as possible by using other manufacturers". So, which is it?  Did my money go to another manufacturer (and if so, where is my suit?), or, did my money go directly to you refunding other customers? If you knew you were in trouble, how could you in good faith promise to have my wedding suit made?


Even if, for some reason, you didn't switch manufacturers until after my purchase, you deceived me.  You promised me my suit would be ready well before my wedding.  We confirmed this with you 3-4 times before making the purchase.  Based on the number of people, both in Toronto and Vancouver, who waited months for their suits to come in (or never come in), you could never have fulfilled that promise.


It is important to me that you realize how much you've screwed up my wedding.  A suit may seem trivial in the long run, but you have placed unnecessary stress and angst on my fiance and I - fully knowing you could not (even if you tried - which I doubt) fulfill your promises.  

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I am also very glad that I found this thread. 


I "purchased" a suit from Toronto Custom Suits in June of this year.  When I went in i ordered a custom suit and three custom shirts.


I was told that the suit would be made overseas (which i see others were not told).  I was also told that my shirts would be made in Montreal and they would take around 10 business days to make.  I called their office a number of times, and always got the answering machine so i decided not to leave a message.  Around the 6 week and 8 week mark i went into the office asking where my suit and shirts were (because this timeframe was becoming ridiculous, especially for the shirts that were "supposedly" being made in Montreal).  Both times i asked for a refund, and the person there said they couldnt but they would ask John and he would get back to me, which never happened. 


I now recieved the same cookie cutter email from John stating all these things about his financial situation.  Should this be true its unfortunate, but i still want my full refund.  Now, I am not in the same situation as others, as i only put a limited amount on my debit (a few hundred).  But this does not deter me from wanting every penny back.


When i asked for a full refund, i also got the email about the chargeback from my financial institution, but as we are all aware you cannot get this from a Bank if it was done through debit.  I explained this in a follow up email to both John and Lisa Hillyard, and have not recieved a response.


If from what i read is correct and the business was still placing orders when they were in serious financial trouble, this is illegal.  Also, it is easy to look into if this company has filed for bancruptcy.  If it has not and they just closed the doors, that again is illegal.  You cannot just close your doors and not provide full cash back to the purchasors that have not recieved a product.  This is something to look into.   


I hope everyone wronged can find a way to get their money back.  Not only is it a money issue, but you have devoted time and effort to recieve a product, and when this happens it can be so disappointing.

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John never emailed me back. Anyone actually get a response?


You can always find him through facebook

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Anyone know a good Shoe Cobbler in the downtown core?

I usually go to Dayton Boots for my heel replacments and various but it's getting to be too much trouble to go down there.
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Originally Posted by blazingazn View Post

Anyone know a good Shoe Cobbler in the downtown core?
I usually go to Dayton Boots for my heel replacments and various but it's getting to be too much trouble to go down there.

I've heard several people (some on here) recommend Parsons Shoe Renew in Bentall Centre under the BMO branch on Burrard. I haven't used them myself, but I will the next time I need one.
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Has anyone bought a suit from Brooks Brothers on Alberni before?  How are they?  good product and service?  What's the price range?  Now that I'm never getting my suit from that fool at Vancouver Custom Suit, I thought I might try there.  Thanks.

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Brooks is fine. Try to get a Corporate Discount Card before their upcoming 30% off sale on, I think, the weekend of Oct. 19th. There are sites out there like Borders Rewards where you can get one. Trickier for a Canadian but you may find a way.
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Not sure if it has been mentioned but the BEST tailor in Vancouver is here (Pat Cocco):


I can't comment on his prices compared to others in town as I have never gone anywhere else.  He can source the best fabrics from around the world for suits, shirts, coats, or any other garment you may want to have tailored.  The last suit he made for me was from the Zegna Centennial Fabric No. 1 - three piece beauty (  I am not sure how many tailors even know about this kind of stuff. 


A lot of tailors in or around Vancouver actually just measure people in their shops and then have him actually make the suit.  I have seen orders at his shop from around town.  If Harry Rosen can't fit you into one of their cheap suits, chances are they will send you to Mr. Cocco for tailor made suit.


He is the real deal.  Visit his shop just to see how many celeberties he has fitted.  There is not a Hollywood type has not made a garment for.

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I'm in the market for a MTM suit here in Vancouver as well... and have been wondering:


  1. Does anyone know Modernize Tailors' open hours? I'm never able to call them during the day and haven't had a chance to try swinging by on a Saturday (which I assume they are most likely closed?)... an if so, any idea on the average price for a 3-button suit?
  2. Any ideas on the average price for a 3--button suit from Seville Tailors in Burnaby?



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Seville would do it for around 1,200.00. He advertises two suits for $2,000.00.
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Originally Posted by Doc4 View Post

My condolences on the VCS headaches.
I've used Oakridge Tailors and Townline Tailors (downtown) for alterations with great success. I'm thinking of having of (or both?? nod[1].gif) of them make me a custom suit ...
Has anyone out there had experience with Oakridge and/or Townline in terms of making them a custom suit?


doc4 - late reply, but did you ever? I'm interested to know how good either of those two are for custom made.

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Originally Posted by AdamWill View Post


doc4 - late reply, but did you ever? I'm interested to know how good either of those two are for custom made.


FYI - I was at Oakridge tailors last week for an alteration, and was told that they are no longer doing bespoke, because they are too busy with alterations.

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