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In brief, I contacted Groupon and explained to their customer service rep what happened with the details of my order. They checked with the account rep who deals with VCS and contacted me back within an hour to say I can choose one of two options:

1) Get Groupon bucks to the value of what I paid to Groupon

2) Get my refund applied to the method of payment I used


I have already received an email from Groupon with the refund is being processed to my credit card.


Thanks everyone for adding to the thread as that simplified my contact with Groupon as their Account Manager was working on the resolution already. For those who do not contact Groupon I understand they will be sending out an email to all those who subscribed to this offer.

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Glad I found this thread. I've been experiencing the same problems everyone else has in here.

- got measured for a suit/dress shirt in late april 2012
- contacted them in late may/june for updates but they said it wasn't ready
- contacted them again in july and they made an appointment with me to pick it up
- arrived on the day of the appointment and nobody was in office
- called several times and waited and lisa finally called me saying that she forgot about the appointment and was at the dry cleaners and would be back in 10 minutes
- waited 30 minutes and she called saying that there was a mix up and that my suit wasn't ready and was at the dry cleaners
- made another appointment for the following week
- emailed back a few days prior to confirm but no response
- received the email regarding picking up my suit at the dry cleaners and getting it tailored with the $75 credit
- currently have nothing in my possession to show for it.
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I'm glad I found this thread too.


I ordered a suit for my wedding which is in less than 2 weeks.


- Went in a couple weeks ago to do a final fitting.

- Lisa said that my suit would be ready in a week.

- Haven't heard from them since.


I contacted Busy Bee Gold, the tailor service, and they told me that they have a few suits but that they can't contact VancouverCustomSuits either.


I'm really hoping that my suit is at the cleaners' because like others, I've paid about $800 for this thing.


Has anybody gotten their missing suit from the cleaners yet?




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who did the fitting for you the final time?

I got the whole run around with them not returning phone calls and emails but it does seem like they're long gone. I spoke with busy bee gold and they told me plenty of people are frustrated regarding this. I have yet to contact the dry cleaners because it seems like their phone doesn't work... has anyone had any luck with calling them?

I don't even know if I should bother going to the cleaners to get the suit. Contacting my credit card company seems like the better course of action
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Lisa did the final fitting for me.  The suit actually seemed to fit decently, and was to my specifications.  I know it's in Vancouver, I just need to find the damn thing.


I'm going to stop by Nicola cleaning this afternoon and see what's going on there.

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Please update when you get the chance to. Definitely interested in finding out what is happening..
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For anyone who's looking for further info into Vancouver Custom Suits:


Busy Bee Gold has about 3 complete suits left he told me.  He's very courteous and professional and tried his best to help me work out what happened to my suit although I didn't end up finding it.  He's been tracking the suits based upon the monograms inside, so if you want to know if he has yours, give him the monogram in addition to your name.


He said that Lisa wanted to give him about 75 suits that still needed tailoring, but he wouldn't take them without money up front, since they already owed him for about $400 of work he had done previously for them.  He told me that he believes they've skipped town and are now in Toronto.


I believe that those 75 suits ended up going to Nicola, where they've just been sitting.  I stopped by Nicola, and the Chinese woman that runs it has that same amount of suits sitting on her racks, although she's been far less successful in keeping track of who's suits they are.  I recommend if anyone goes to Nicola, to take a look at the suits themselves and try to identify yours based upon the monogram inside instead of the tags or the sheet that she has to organize them.


I didn't end up using the groupon, so I probably won't get my money back either.  I hope others have better luck than me :)

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My condolences on the VCS headaches.

I've used Oakridge Tailors and Townline Tailors (downtown) for alterations with great success. I'm thinking of having of (or both?? nod[1].gif) of them make me a custom suit ...

Has anyone out there had experience with Oakridge and/or Townline in terms of making them a custom suit?
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I'm not even going to bother going down and checking on the suits now, as the credit card company was good enough to refund my purchase in full, and now other than headaches etc. I'm back at square one.


That being said, I am still in the market for a reputable tailor in Vancouver, and wish to skip all this drama a 2nd time around.

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@CMCG did you open a dispute ticket? how long did it take to get solved? what did you provide ur cc company with?

I opened a ticket yesterday and i'm hoping it gets resolved soon.
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A friend of mine had some alterations done by Pat Cocco which were done well ( I got talking to him and he's been in business for a while and is very knowledgeable, as well as doing all his tailoring on site (not sending it out). I plan on trying him, unless anyone here has had overly negative feedback.
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A dispute ticket was opened with no problems, just provided some info about the product and what was promised, and not delivered.  They refunded the purchase over the phone, and advised that the only way the business could dispute it was to produce the suits and shirts as ordered, although they also understood that it was promised for some days back, and that was part of the deal.

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You can add me to your list of defrauded customers. I prepaid by credit card without using the Groupon on April 24th. my email is

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Add me to the list too.  Anyone know if this Nicola cleaners has any suits left?

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Nicola cleaners does not have any suits left.


Using googlefu, If you want to talk to John Kelsall, owner of Toronto Custom Suits personally.



Kelsall, John
366 Macdonald Road
Oakville, Ontario L6J2B2

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