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Welcome to the forum, Doc4!

You've posed a very good question, and if you've read through previous posts in this thread, you've probably come to the conclusion that there don't appear to be any really stellar tailors in Vancouver. That's certainly been my assessment, and I think many others would agree. Still, you're not inquiring about really major alterations (like shoulder-narrowing requiring sleeve removal, etc.), and what you've described should be within the competency range of a number of Vancouver tailors. Here are some you could consider:

1. Frank Fuscaldi at Minichiellos in North Van (Esplanade near Lonsdale). Frank epitomizes the dogmatic, old-world tailor (he's an older Italian guy), and it's sometimes a slightly-punishing experience working with him. However, he does pretty good work, I think, and I have had him do major surgery on a new Isaia jacket recently, where he did take it apart (sleeves off, etc.) recut it and sewed up back up. So, I'm sure he could do all the things you've mentioned. Just be thick-skinned when working with him!

2. Tony Arletto. I and many others have had Tony do tailoring work, and I think he is pretty good--at least by Vancouver standards. The trouble is that he has gone into semi-retirement (selling his business, European Custom Tailors, to a dolt, Tony Tran) and is hard to access. I heard that he is working at another establishment now, but haven't been able to get any information on this.

3. Joy at Oakridge Tailors. Joy is a young woman, trained in Paris, who is fairly good (again by Vancouver standards), I think. I had her do some fairly extensive alterations on a Brunello Cucinelli corduroy jacket, and everything came out OK. On the other hand, my wife had her hem some pants, and she got the length all wrong. So maybe the secret with Joy is to be super didactic.

Other guys may come on here (I hope they do) to fill you in on some other tailors. The Hoff, Rob, Scott, et al., where are you?

Oh yeah, about an appointment: I would definitely make one, just to be sure the person is going to be there.
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Thanks, Roger. Great answer (and I look forward to others answering too.)

I did come across one tailor on the internet who might fit the bill (or not??) and that is Townline Tailors. I had them do a couple less-expensive-suit alterations for me a few years back, and wonder how they stack up (they seemed okay to my untrained eye, although they are rather "liberal" on sleeve length ... )
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Welcome fellow Vancouverites!

I would highly recommend Pino the alterations tailor at Zegna. He retired but was doing some stuff on the side. I think he is still there one or two days a week. Someone once mentioned he will do bespoke but I have not pursued this. He is the only one I would let do my alterations of anything I purchased at Zegna or Harry's.

I had Pino rework a jacket for me and he did an excellent job. It took a while and wasn't cheap but well worth it. If you know a sales associate at Harry's or Zegna well, ask if Pino is doing tailoring on the side and if they can get you a number. I will try and dig up his cell number for those who are interested.

Tony Arletto did a great job of some working buttonholes for me on a STP purchased Isaia about a year ago.

Frank is as Roger describes. He has done some basic hems etc for me but does have a strong opinion.
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After taking in 12 shirts before, I just had some pants done with Joy at oakridge tailors. Rise and waist taken in very nicely. I dropped off 2 pairs of GA jeans as well. Although Holt and Harry wanted to do darts on the back which would make them look terrible, Joy advised taking them in on the sides in a way where the back pockets don't become too close together and I don't lose the metal pieces on the corners of the front pockets that were put on in the factory.

I wouldn't trust GA jeans with anyone else right now.

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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post
In case you missed my reply in your thread, you need new suits, not a new tailor. Do not take any pants in to be altered by 6-7 inches, no matter what anyone tells you. Also , if you end up a drop 10, the likelihood of RTW suits fitting you is close to zero and again, you will need to recut the pants by more than you should.
Boy you guys were right.

I tried getting a few suits altered and it was really hit and miss. I had two suits that were made with 39" waist that were successfully taken to a 35" but my larger suits aren't going to make it. Even the suits that did make it, aren't great as they are styled for a much bigger man with double or triple pleats, and they just don't look good on me now.

Good news is that some of the jackets are fine as most were around 44" and I am now 43". A bit of tapering at the waist and I have some relaxed odd jackets. Now I just need some trousers to go with them. Also all my MTM shirts were able to be adjusted so everything was not a write off.

I have to say I was a bit depressed as packed away my old suits last night, and I had a good laugh when I put a tuxedo I picked up 60lbs ago - it was drop 2 46" jacket, 42" pants.

Now I going to have to do some shopping as I am down to 2 okay suits and one that I actually like. As I wear a suit or odd jacket/tie 5+ times per week I need a better collection then this.
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Update: just came back from the usual place (oakridge tailors) with a couple Finamore shirts for summer slimmed down that I ordered from shopthefinest. Also I had a GA and Zegna polo taken in which i was hesitant about doing due to the stripes on both of them, but they came out great. Glad to know I can take in all my future polos as even the slim fit hugo boss ones are way too baggy for me because I have to buy an XL for the length and the shoulder width.
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Wow this is a great thread, had to read it twice. Sounds like most of the tailors in town get mention here. I am a big fan of Joy. She has done a fair chunk of work for me, including slimming pants, and taking in the shoulders on a few jackets. She seems to be a good fit for what I am looking for style wise and I don't need to give her much instruction at all.

I planning on getting a MTM made soon and I was thinkning of getting Joy to do it. Anyone ever had he make anything before?
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FWIW, I'm not certain I'd go the MTM route with Joy--yet--unless it was with something like a shirt or trousers (which she might do quite well). I too have had her do quite a bit of work, but one incident gave me pause. I was having a Brunello Cucinelli corduroy jacket altered. Joy took in the shoulders, did the sleeves, etc. (and did a nice job), but didn't know how to take in the collar a little to make it lie flatter against the back of my neck. Just was stumped. Perhaps it can't be done; I haven't checked this out with another tailor. However, I had thought that this was a pretty straightforward alteration, since I've had it done on a number of wool jackets.

I think Joy has had good training and is pretty talented, but she's young and lacking in experience. You might be OK with her on an MTM project; I just don't know. If it were a jacket or suit, I think I'd really give this careful consideration. If the cost is not great, maybe roll the dice. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether there's anyone in Vancouver who could produce a first-rate bespoke or MTM suit from the ground up. Maybe there is; I just haven't seen evidence of this. I haven't wanted one, so haven't really researched it. I know that you can do Samuelsohn MTM through Harry Rosen at a pretty reasonable price, and, of course, Zegna MTM through the Zegna shop. One option--if you can scrape together the cash--would be Belvest through Barron Lee at Madison Lee, but be prepared to spend about $3500 on that option.

I think that, if I were to want a ground-up bespoke or MTM suit, I'd be tempted to go to Mario's in Seattle, where evidently they have a tailor who was trained by Leonard Logsdail and is highly regarded.
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I hear what you are saying. I have not been able to find the silver bullet yet for suits - still looking. I have around 20 now, and few fit well. The best luck I have had is taking suits to Joy and let her do some work on them. I figured if she can fix someone elses work well, I wonder what she can do from scratch? Her MTM price is around the same as geting a Sammy MTM from Harry's, so $ would not be the incentive to give her a try. I also don't spend big $ on suits. About $1,500 is as high as I go with most under or around $1,000.

In some ways grabbing a nice suit off STP or the Buy and Sell and taking it it Joy for lots of work may be the way to go.

I have to say I having a bad clothes day today, I have lost some weight and everything I own is too big, add the fact that it was most likely too big when I bought it and now it way too big. Luckily summer is not a big suit time for me, I do the odd jacket thing in the office and spend allot of my time golfing for work, so I can get away with a small rotation, but by fall I need to have a solid line up in place, and right now I not sure if I can find a solution to my lack of good fitting suits.
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I just bit the bullet and have Samtani & Son in Langley making me my first MTM shirt. I'll let you know how it turns out. I bought one of his OTR and he altered it, and it's my favourite shirt.
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I want to do MTM as well, but I don't want to go to the trouble to provide my own fabrics. I may just do HR at some point and try out some shirts and pants and a jacket. I am having the hardest time finding any panys in Vancouver in light colors, everything is black or dark brown or dark grey. It's killing me that we don't have incotex here!
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There is a documentary on Modernize Tailors tonight on CBC newsworld. It looks to be from a few years back but very interesting (its repeated at 10:00pm pacific) to see how they work.
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Thanks I read this at 9:56 - guess I better turn on the news. Still thinking about getting an MTM going, maybe I'll give them a try as there isn't any sure fire choices around here.
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As I've posted elsewhere recently, I've had some work done in the past at Olympia Tailors on East Hastings in Vancouver.

- established. Family business. Been in business since 1934 or something like that. I think the family is Italian.
- does basic to advanced tailoring/alterations. Retails some of their work. Does MTM clothing but not shirts as far as I can tell.
- friendly staff. The proprietor there is open and likes to chat and chat about suits and tailoring. Might be a bit too sociable for some. I think he employs 2 tailors. He was talking about how hard it was for him to find quality/qualified tailors to bring in.
- looks like a really old shop, not slick or fancy.
- you can google for their website Olympia Tailors Vancouver

Like I said, I have had work done before (standard suit fittings, adjustments sleeves, hems, surgeon cuffs, waist suppression, shoulder shaping, leg width, etc.). I was very satisfied with the work and the fitting process. That being said, the turnaround was pretty slow.

I heard about this place from a relative's father. He used to have all his suits MTM there when he was younger in the 60s and 70s. He highly recommended that I give this place a shot.

I have tried other places since in that search for that tailor-for-life-that-you-value-more-than-your-wife. I am not sure if this place is the best... but maybe that doesn't matter as much as going to a place where you feel comfortable, and confident.
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Does anyone know a tailor who can remove pleats from a pair suit pants? I've taken them to a couple places but they wouldn't do it.
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