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Understanding 'balance'

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I searched for any threads about this subject but couldn't find anything. Perhaps someone could explain what the concept of balance is? Hopefully this thread can address this fit-concept which hasn't been discussed much.

I've seen the term passed by some of the more experienced board members. For example, "The front balance is short" could be a comment.
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I'm a pattern making/tailoring student and the way I understand it is this; If you have too little fabric (vertically) in the front or back of your jacket, then it will sort of pull the whole jacket off center. If you were to just grasp the fabric at the chest of your jacket and pull down, it would pull the back of the jacket up a bit and affect the fit in all areas of the jacket.

As I said, I'm just a student, so I may be wrong. Hopefully some more knowledgeable folk can clarify things in a bit more detail, or correct me if I'm wrong.
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Why don't you just ask Foo to elaborate.
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