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subtle/muted pinstripe: ok for interviews? wedding?

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Is a navy suit with a very subtle/muted pinstripe appropriate for job interviews?

What about at a wedding? To me, pinstripes signify business, not pleasure.

Thanks for your advice.
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I agree with you that pinstripes are for business, not pleasure. Although I love my pinstriped suits, I hardly wear them outside of work, and certainly not to a wedding.

I've interviewed several people wearing pinstriped suits, and I never gave a second's thought to it. And that's from someone that observes what people wear. So long as it's not a suit that Al Capone would have worn, I think you're safe.
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No reason that pinstripe suits wouldn't work for an interview. Best luck on getting the job.
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Depends on the suit with regards to whether you would wear it to a wedding. If it obviously looks like it's a business suit, then don't wear it to a wedding. However, if it's obviously a suit that you wouldn't wear for business then it's okay for a wedding. For example, I've worn my black Corneliani with white pinstripes to a wedding and I don't think it looked a bit out of place; but, I wouldn't wear that suit for business.

As far as interviews, while there may not be anything wrong with wearing a pinstripe suit for an interview, I personally wouldn't do it because there is less risk involved in wearing a solid suit than in wearing a patterned suit. If you don't have a solid suit then fine, but if you do, better safe than sorry when it comes to interviews.
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Interviews - choose the better suit and disregard the stripes. I would wear my good charcoal rope stripe before my solid navy BB just because of the cut and fabric quality.

Weddings - These days if you're wearing a suit to a wedding - and it fits you - you're probably better dressed than the majority of attendees, for a good number of weddings, high society shindigs notwithstanding.

If you think you look a bit stodgy, throw on a bright tie - sky blue, pink, orange, whatever - something that doesn't say "Snuck away from the office for a moment" I have a Ferragamo circus cat tie in tomato red and orange that does the trick for me when I'm in charcoal pinstripes.

That said, a solid Navy suit does have a bit of dash to it.
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