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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post

Sorry to resurrect a really old thread but it's the only one I could find that was close. I'm getting married shortly and plan to wear the miniature medals that I've earned during my service on the lapel of my tux. That's not my question. Question is will it be too busy with a simple white pocket square (a la tv fold) and a flower as well? I kinda think so at least as far as the flower goes. Not sure about the pocket square. Any thoughts?

how many are you talking about? I think two ribbens and a ps are perfectly good, in terms of business. I'd lose the flower. if you are thinking of 10 ribbens, that is probably too much.
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Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

I would never wear my campaign ribbon or other awards because I'm not particularly proud of them. To the guy planning on wearing them with his tux I ask: what is the point? If you wanted to showcase your ERB you might as well wear a dress uniform.

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I don't see wearing medals or decorations with civilian clothes at all unless you're a British vet marching on Decoration day. The enamel service ribbon of your highest award can be worn in the buttonhole of a suit jacket if you're at a civic or veteran's function. I don't think US decorations have rosettes for them, except for grades of the Legion of Merit which are awarded to foreigners.


If you want to wear the whole rack at a wedding I think you're limited to mess dress or if enlisted the Blue Uniform with bow tie. Of course, that may have all changed with the Army's realignment of uniforms. Unless you're active, reserve or IRR I wouldn't bother at all.

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Have you asked your bride-to-be what her thoughts are?
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Wow. What a range of responses. I'll leave aside the comments about showcasing my ERB, not being proud of campaign ribbons etc. Everyone's service is personal so to each their own. Keep in mind I don't go around wearing my medals or ribbons on a regular basis. Wouldn't wear them to the office etc. Typically only bust them out for Veteran's day, Memorial day etc with the VFW.


My fiancee was opposed to wearing a dress uniform, as was I. She is fine with the miniature medals. I'm going to encourage other vets and current military members in attendance to wear theirs as well. I honestly think it's a nice balance for someone who was active but is now reserves like myself. I really don't understand why everyone relegates wearing of military decorations to the British or commonwealth countries. Perhaps in America it's still a hangover from Vietnam? Dunno. I think more vets should be conspicuous about their service. We make up an increasingly small and isolated percentage of the population.


I'll probably end up going with a simple white pocket square and my miniature medal rack (not my ERB and not including ribbons - but the correct per Army reg miniature medals authorized in a tux). Thanks for the opinions guys. Much appreciated.

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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post

My fiancee was opposed to wearing a dress uniform, as was I. She is fine with the miniature medals. I'm going to encourage other vets and current military members in attendance to wear theirs as well.

I served in the Marine Corps and had been out for a few years by the time I got married. My fiance's father was a Vietnam-era Navy Commander, my father and one of my uncles were Korea vets, me and quite a few of my friends had served in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. There was a good representation of both active duty and veterans on both sides of the aisle. We even had a special wedding greeting done by one of my former bosses, the recently retired General Peter Pace (my bride's father contacted him unbeknownst to me; I was just a lowly Corporal at the time I worked for him and the more I learned about his political leanings after working for him, the less I wanted to do with him, but that's another story...). Our wedding also happened to fall on Veteran's Day weekend (totally unplanned... the facility we wanted the reception at was booked solid our first two choices).

To make a long story short... I wore a few selected miniature medals on my tuxedo. To wear everything I rated would have looked pretty silly. Not because I have a fruit salad like Chesty Puller but because I think the miniatures in general look weird. Maybe it's because we're just not used to seeing them. We encouraged the active duty and the veterans attending to do the same and had quite a good response of folks participating along with a few Marines, Sailors, and even a couple chAir Force active duty in their dress uniforms.

In reality, I don't think a few miniature medals would look too busy with a flower and pocket square. I wore four medals and a small, simple flower - no pocket square.
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