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leather goods connection

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What's the deal with this website? Are the belts and wallets good quality?
Anybody bought anything from them? Pics? I'm thinking of buying a wallet. Thanks
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I bought a belt from there. I posted pictures at the other SF... I had them leave my belt unstained so that I could wear it in like Red Moon wallets are meant to be used. The leather quality is very good and the price is just what I'd want to pay for.

The guys who runs the site is pretty up to date with trends in leather today, despite his no frills website. He's very good to deal with, I highly reccommend getting goods from him.
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I've purchased belts from them before. Quality is pretty good and overall value is excellent. I'd like their leather to be a little thicker but the finishing is top notch and there is a lot of flexibility in what you can order. I'm not a big fan of the nickel buckles they offer, but if you get brass buckle you can sandpaper it for a cool antiqued finish.

Additonal comment: I own three belts from them. One of those belts is black and it wasn't getting too much wear. I ordered it sealed and unfinished on the back side, and I recently experimented with flipping the belt over to the unfinished side. It is sort of like a cool, rugged version of suede. It actually makes the belt very interesting and unique. Anyway, just thought I would pass that along.
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I will probably be buying one of their plain leather belts with wheat stitching. I think I may try to get them to do it unstained, so that it can wear in a bit. I really want one of their shrunken grain wallets, I bet they will look good in a year or so after some wear.
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I have two belts, both great, I will eventually order another. I'll try to post pics but I've loaned my camera to a friend.
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I love my shrunken grain wallet. After leaving it in the sun for a few days the color changed a bit. I've been using it for about a week and its already starting to look really good.

I highly recommend this site. I'm probably going to get a belt from them too.
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Whats the difference between tanning (yourself) the shrunken leather and just buying a brown one?


that sounds sweet. Does the other side change just like the belt?
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I have one of his belts and love it. Great value for the money, good leather, great flexibility in ordering. I'm thinking of seeing if he'll sew up a card case in that shrunken leather for me. Looks like very good stuff.
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