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help wall-mount flat panel TV

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I'm planning on buying a 40" Sony Bravia. Home installation is like $400 (which does not include delivery). I'm wondering how hard this job is and whether I should attempt to do this myself. I want it wall mounted with no wires showing, and calibrated.

I don't imagine wall mounting being that difficult, I have the model number for the mount. I have a level and a drill.

Does anyone know how they hide the wires?

Regarding calibration, I think I can find some settings online. Does anyone know how reliable these sources are? Does a professional need to eyeball it for my specific application?

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The wires are hidden by digging a "╦ťditch' in the drywall along where the cable would go, placing the cable in there and then sealing it up again, you would need to, of course repaint as well. Also, you have to make sure that the wall mount is placed on the wall where you have studs that can hold the weight of the TV in place.

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in an ideal situation, you would have a couple of J-boxes installed on the wall behind the panel, with power in one and video in the other. Technically you'd need the power outlet installed by a licensed electrician, but it's easy enough to do if you know what you're doing. The power wires need to be shielded, either flexible or conduit. The video cables can just run exposed within the wall cavity. Also you can use some surface mounted tracks from a company such as Wiremold. Less pretty, but easier.
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It seems there are 3 separate things you need done: 1) Attach the wall mount bracket. -- This is the easiest part if your wall is drywall and stud construction. You just need to find 2 studs using a studfinder and drill several pilot holes and then screw in the wall bracket using the lag-type bolts provided. At least that's how I did it when hanging my plasma using a Peerless brand wall mount. If you have plaster walls then things get more complicated. 2) Hiding the wires could be done in couple of different ways. I have my equipment rack under the tv so I only had to hide the cable in the wall for a couple of feet. I drilled a hole about 1.5 inches in diameter behind the TV and just dropped the power and video cables through it. Then I drilled another hole a couple of inches from the floor to get the wires out. My equipment rack covers the hole from which the wires exit. Not very elegant but it works. Alternatively, you can use the "ditch" method Jon described. 3) Calibration -- Professional calibration is probably nice but I believe ISF/CEDIA certified technicians charge about $300 for calibration alone. I would just buy an AVIA or Video Essentials DVD and use it to make adjustments to your tv. You can also go to Avsforum and check what knid of adjustment the owners of this model TV are making to their picture settings.
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Personally, i wasn't in a position to to start ripping out my dry wall and re-plastering. So i used one of these iconceal things.

It's just some fancy conduit, but it's really easy to fit. I only had to drill a couple of holes in the wall. It looks pretty good though.

Hope this helps.
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A related question: I'm trying to mount surround speakers and want to hide the speaker wires. If I want to do the "ditch" method, what do I need to cut the channel in the drywall? A link to the tool/drill attachment would be great.

By way of background, I'd prefer not to fish behind the wall, because 1) I'm not confident in my ability to patch such big holes, 2) there's at least one cross-beam that I'd have to drill through, and 3) there is a layer of sheet-rock (well, I think it's sheet-rock, it's very difficult to drill through) behind the drywall.
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You could try something like this:

it'd be easier than digging out a groove in the drywall.

dunno what tool i would recommend for that - maybe just a utility knife and a big metal straightedge.


BTW 'Drywall' and 'sheetrock' are the same thing. Sheetrock is actually a proprietary name, USG I think. The stuff behind your drywall is probably plaster, unless it's actually masonry or concrete. Your room isn't in the basement is it?
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A fabulous TV! I have the XBR version and it is head and shoulders above my Samsung DLP.

This is a DIY job that can be done, but are you good at fishing through a wall. What happens when you hit a fire break? Are you ready to use a 6 inch hole saw on the drywall to get through the firebreak and than to put in a backboard to get the drywall back together?

All this was done this weekend with a qualifed electrician as I got ready for my new office builtins by putting a switched outlet at the 9 foot level in my office. I was glad that I had paid to have it done rather than tried to muddle through it myself.

I like the stand the Bravia 40 inch has and am actually building a part of the cabinetry where it will sit on a platform on the included stand. That will make it much easier (as will the back to the cabinetry) to hide the wiring.

But a clean wall mount with the wires fished through the dry wall will be awesome when you do it.

Post pixs please.

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