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Horn Buttons from Italy  

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Horn Buttons from Italy

As the progenitor of button sourcing on SF, please see my previous thread on horn buttons as well as testimonies.

These are genuine horn buttons, crafted in Italy, by the same craftsman who supplies buttons to top tailoring houses in Italy. The final product has a natural shine (but not a gloss) that the English buttons do not offer, and they work in perfect harmony with the fabrics we work with. They are inconspicuous, yet tasteful and elegant. These are absolutely for the connoisseur!


4mm thick, subtly rounded edges. If you've had Rubinacci you understand the luxuriousness of buttoning your jacket with a thick button. Great for any of your navy and grey suits.


4mm thick (3mm on sleeve buttons), extremely luxurious and beautiful. Perfect for your tweeds.

Sizes: 32L and 24L. 32L is the right size for jacket front, 24L for sleeves.

Each button is cut individually from a horn, hence there are slight deviations in color and patterns.

PRICES (per button):
Black Horn (6622) - $4.70 (32L), $4.50 (24L)
Brown Horn (3495) - $3.75 (32L), $3.45 (24L)

All orders are shipped with tracking.
1 to 10 buttons - $8
10 to 20 buttons - $11
20 to 30 buttons - $14
30 to 40 buttons - $17
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Just picked up some of these black horn buttons...they look even better in person, can't wait to get these sewed on to my suit!
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I'd like to purchase

3 - 32L
8 - 24L

in the black horn.

How do I proceed?

I sent you a PM as well.
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Got my set of brown buttons. Excellent quality. Thanks!
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Had no idea that these were still for sale. PM Sent!
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Purchased a bunch of the black buttons and just received them in the mail on Friday.

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Any browns buttons left?

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just wanted to say I ordered OPs MOP buttons, and they are top quality. Great color and shape, highly recommended!
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I never heard back from you regarding the availability of the brown buttons. I'd like order four of them if any are left.


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Has anybody heard from the OP recently?

I arranged to buy a set of black buttons and paid on March 21. Since then not a word despite queries by PM 3 weeks ago and last week. Hope nothing is the matter.
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I'm interested in 4 32L and 8 24L of the black horn buttons. Are they still available? I sent a PM a few weeks ago and never heard from the OP.
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I also PMed the OP about some brown horn buttons and never got a reply. There appears to be plenty of demand for horn buttons if someone can find a supply.
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Thank you.

I have had a good experience with the OP before and have heard nothing but positive comments. But I have now raised a Paypal dispute since the 45 day deadline on my payment was getting close.

We'll see. I do hope everything is allright with the OP.
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Has anyone heard anything? I just received a RLPL suit, but the pouch with the buttons for the sleeves was missing. I'm trying to figure how much hassle it's going to be to get good buttons, if I should settle for plastic buttons, or if I should just ship it back.
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Naturlaut is pianist and travels quite alot. He probably did not have opportunity to reply, but will as soon as he can. I had bought from him buttons many times and had always great relationship with him.
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