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Your Top 5: TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early

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What have you people got for me? Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, Jericho, Party Down, and Veronica Mars; these are some of the obvious ones. I want to hear all different kinds.
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M*A*S*H Family Guy is definitely up there. The only one to actually come BACK. Also, Arrested Development makes the list.
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King Arthur & the Knights of Justice!
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Action - Jay Mohr as an arrogant, d-bag film producer

SportsNight - Aaron Sorkin's first show - went 2 1/2 seasons but got jacked around with timeslots and schedule changes.

K-Street - one season on HBO. Confusing but cool.

The Duck Factory - a young Jim Carrey as an animator. Lasted one season on NBC.

And there's one more, but I'm completely blanking on the name.
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I liked Mister Sterling. I think perhaps it was just because it was the first show that I realized I had gotten in to (like planning my night to watch a new episode) and it lasted one season.
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Top Five
Dead Like Me

Honorable mentions - To be fair most of these probably deserved to be canceled (except Jericho), but I would have enjoyed seeing where they went.

John Doe
Earth 2
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Andy Richter Controls the Universe
New Amsterdam
American Gothic
Pirates of Dark Water
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I don't even own a tv!
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the black donnellys (only 1 season) rome ( 2 seasons) will have to think about it some more on 3 others
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Originally Posted by embowafa View Post

Man, I opened this thread soley to post that. lol
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Married with Children...I wish it lasted forever!
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Arrested Development
Misfits of Science
Hardball (not the Chris Matthews one)

I'm tempted to say The Wire, because it's such an amazing show and I suspect they could've focused on one, maybe two, more institutions and then quit (I believe Simon planned to do the Church and then the TV media). However, the ending felt clean anyway, so I'm satisfied either way.
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arrested development is the main one that comes to mind. Amazing show that got attention way too late.
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Gunsmoke. I'm sure they had at least one more season they could have given us.
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