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Metal as a fabric?

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Looking on the Yoox website, I came across a blazer that had the following contents:  "89% Cotton, 11% Metal" Forgive my ignorance, but is that what it sounds like?  And if so, how is the metal part used? Yoox URL's are kind of funky, but I think this will link to it: Romeo Gigli Blazer
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Perhaps it's the new "capo" line, and hence, bullet-proof.
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Hmm...never heard of anything like this before. First thought when I saw your post was that this jacket featured stainless steel panels on it, or chain-link accents, but looking at it, I don't think this is likely . Instead, I think that extremely thin metal threads could be woven in with the rest of the fabric. I have no idea what the reasoning is; perhaps it is to allow the jacket to keep it's form, or simply to add a bit of shine and novelty to the jacket.
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I remember a few years back reading about some (extremely costly) suiting fabric which had 18 carat gold woven into it. I also remember thinking, once the suit is worn out; one can melt it down and is left with a couple of gold nuggets. I believe you can manufacture most metals into thin wires and even thinner yarns, to use them as accents in a woven fabric. Just think of the thin copper wire in an ordinary electrical household flex.. After all, Lurex, which is a metallic yarn, (I believe it is polyester with a copper or silver coating) has been around for many years.
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I do not know what knid of metal is used but ii is probaby some type of metal as said earlier that is made into extremely thin threads, and then woven. The Chinese Imperial family used to have gold woven into robes so it is possible. Also I remeber Helmut Lang had a suit that was completely made of silver woven into a fabric.
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Thanks for the replies everybody. I kind of thought it might be something like an accent thread, but I couldn't distinguish one in the pics. I wonder if 11% metal means by area or by weight or what....
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Actually, leaving aside the science, metal was a popular component in jackets for a couple of seasons, and gives the fabric a slight sheen. More importantly, the texture of material containing metallic thread is a bit rigid and often has a permanent crinkle. Think of that silver or gold material that you get around Christmastime, and you are about 50% there. If you decide to get the jacket, post something about it.
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I wonder if perhaps the metal could be in the partially lined interior. Also, I know that Alexander McQueen worked under Romeo Gigli at one time and helped to create a process in which a metal was sprayed onto fabric to give it a metallic sheen. I don't know if that is the case here. It could be sprayed on the interior I suppose to make the jacket more stiff.
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