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5ep authentic cut

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Does anyone have any information on 5ep authentic cut jeans? I've heard about the straight down and the low down bootcut but this one's new to me.
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I've received a pair in the vintage wash today. They are heavily distressed, but that'll make for a change from the usual pair of unwashed raw that I wear.

The rise is lower than on the straight cut (which is basically a 1947 repro). I find the fit to be more flaterring to my butt than the 1947's (of which I own a repro, though not by 5EP).

The denim is soft, they are a bit loose on me compared to the 1947, though I went for a size bigger. I'd like them a bit slimmer, but other than that the fit is nice.
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Thanks. I'm thinking of getting a pair of 5ep's but I really don't need another pair of jeans. If I do get them, I'm pretty sure I'll go for the straight cut. Is the leg on the authentics tapered at all?
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If the question you are asking is if it is slimmer at the hem than on the thigh, then yes. Below the knee, though, its a straight cut. I'd say that the silhouette is slim, but its not a 'tight' fit.

Well, yeah, I had ordered some Dark Worns in the Straight Cut originally but then changed my mind as I already had a 1947's repro, as I said. I'm sure that its a great jean.

I do like the distressing on the vintage authentic fit though, there's a nice 3D effect and the honeycombs are spot on for me so its a plus. I'm used to heavier, stiffier denim though, but I've been spoiled I guess.
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