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Is this a fake Armani Le Collezioni suit?

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Need some help here. I found this 4 button GA Le Collezioni suit on Ebay. I don't think it's real but I wanted some of you to offer your advice. First off, I am not even sure that the Le Collezioni line ever made 4 button suits. I think that Emporio had them but not LC. Anyone able to verify this for sure? Also, the photo of the label appears to be a fake. My LC suits have a square label not a rectangular label like this one.

I've asked the seller to provide a photo of the material contents label b/c I could at least figure out the style number of the suit and/or see if I recognize this label as being legit. I've also asked for a photo of any house branded labels that might be in the jacket - if the suit was bought at a major dept store there should be another label in it (like "Saks" etc).

Any thoughts? See the link attached.
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Looks good to me- the authenticity, that is
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All the GA Le Collezione coats that I have sport the same label. I had never seen a four-button model, though. Seems authentic, although I'd feel better seeing the store label and content tag.
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Please, for your own sartorial sake, read a bit more here and maybe check out a few of Flusser's books before you buy something awful like this. Armani is the Bose of clothes.
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Looks authentic to me, I believe that label is used on older Le Collezioni's (the newer ones being square). I posted a similar thread some time ago (with pictures), you could probably find it using the search. 4-button suit jackets though, hmm... personally I wouldn't do it.
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Personally I don't see anything wrong with this suit as long as it's not worn for business.
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Def looks authentic to me and label is older pre 2001 before armani Collezione became new label. As to 4-button, not traditional buisness wear but you can probably get away ith it for this suit. Or wear it casual fridays with polo or nice shirt / no tie.
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