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Are khaki colored suits kosher in fall/winter?

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Or are they more of a spring/summer wear?
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For me, cotton Khaki suits are for summer.... wool ones could be worn in spring and autumn....
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I put away my tan suits (cotton or wool) in the fall and winter.
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I generally agree that they're a "spring-summer" thing. However, I've been known to wear one in Atlanta in the hot early fall and in San Antonio in October when the temps are still up in the 90s (and not had the feeling that anyone was looking at me askance for commiting some terrible fashion faux pas.)
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I think it's more a temperature thing, than a calendar thing. If I lived someplace warmer (e.g., So. Cal, Texas), I'd consider Khaki or cotton year round.
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I think it's fine.
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I saw one at a restaurant near Wall Street this week. Tan twill/whipcord. Brooks Brothers used to carry a substantial version of that fabric. I wish I knew where to find it; it's a nice look. I've sometimes thought that getting one in a relaxed DB would be a nice thing for Fridays when I care to look nice. These days, of course, it would invite a lot of unwelcome comment. Too dressy to be really casual, and too flamboyant to blend into the sea of grey suits where suits are worn.

A tan SB would be what would be classified as a "travel suit" c. 1970. Again, a nice look. But who wears suits just to get on an airplane today?
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Originally Posted by Concordia
But who wears suits just to get on an airplane today?

I wear a sports jacket just to get on an airplane -- I can put all my metallics in its pockets (change, wallet, phone, keys) and it's easier to manage than a sweater for a plane that's too hot or too cold.

To answer the question, I think light tan cotton is undeniably summer and light tan wool is summer or spring (like light gray, it just doesn't transition very well to autumn). That being said, a tan/brown tweed suit looks great in autumn and all the way through most of winter.
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If brown is for farmer, than light brown is for...?
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I had a Polo I British Tan Gabardine that I wore from 1995 to 2004. I really miss that suit. I wore it from late September throuh May. In the Southeast US it is too hot and humid to wear a "Gab" in the summer months. If your suit is made of wool, then its weight not the color determines when you can wear it. I agree with the others who say cotton is for the summer months or very warm climates. Tom Wolfe probably has a white suit for each season and climate. If he can wear white after Labor Day and look smashing, why can't you wear a khaki color, too?
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Yeah, I'd like to chime in on this. I live in San Diego where it's perpetually summer/spring. We really are praying for some rain sometime in the near future.

I think that it's a climate thing. I'd feel comfortable year round in a khaki suit based upon the climate being so Mediterranean in nature. I'd feel completely out of place if it were cool, say in San Francisco, Seattle or New York.

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Where and when it is hot, dress appropriately. The Memorial Day to Labor Day thing does not make as much sense in warmer climates, and was probably originated in the Northeast. I say wear your tan suit any time during baseball season.
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I think wool tan suits are fine in fall.
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In Southern California our "summer" often extends into mid-November. In fact, because of the Santa Ana conditions in fall, we probably get more of our very hottest days in that season than we do in summer proper. For that reason, I would consider tan suits and similar "summer" apparel to be appropriate under those conditions. Damned if I'm going to wear tweeds because they are supposed to be seasonally appropriate when the mercury is pushing 100 outside, as it not infrequently does even in November.
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