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Spoils of Napoli

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Cappelli prints:

Rubinacci cashmere on the left, the rest Cappelli cashmere:

Vintage pocket square, gift from Patrizio Cappelli:

Rubinacci HMS Victory square:

Marinella prints, selected with Maurizio Marinella's input:

Not pictured:

Six Solito fittings, seven Ambrosi fittings, one NSM suit fitted and brought home.

I expect I will have more to say about the trip and the city, sartorially and generally. Also, look for an "I hate airlines" thread.
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That Rubinacci cashmere is outstanding (as is the vintage PS from Cappelli). Eager to hear your impression of the city / tailors.
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did you buy anything?
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more fodder for the boring tie thread?
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The Rubinacci HMS Victory square is the ducks nuts.
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Looks good.

- B
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Lots of good stuff here.
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Nice. Cappelli has a neat shop.
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I was hoping this was a FS thread :-(
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I like how soporifically U.C.B.D. the ties are.
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Those cashmere ties are off the Richter
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Welcome home stop Looks worth bad airline experience stop Nice stash stop Tell more stop
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Bummer...hoping it was for sale! HA
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