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Pair of ARN x Cabourn Farm Pants on eBay the other day.  



Originally Posted by PhilVo View Post

No 50s at all... I checked their website right before they sent out the newsletter. However, a lot of good items in 48s. Mallories, Cameramans, Everests, Shirts, Cashmere Wide Lapel etc etc.


Good catch for everyone who managed to pick up something in their size!


Well I could have got something for my Dad even though he's already getting Cabourn for Christmas.  Oh well.  


They're giving away that shirt jacket and cricket blazer.

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Originally Posted by BLAUGRANA View Post

Were there any good styles in 50?  Just got on 5 minutes ago and it looks all 48s with not much to choose from.

There was a Everest in stone/white in a 50 way to big for me

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Originally Posted by BLAUGRANA View Post

They're giving away that shirt jacket and cricket blazer.

I almost went for that Maroon cricket blazer but too bad it's made from cotton...
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Cotton looks substantial though, made from Fox Flannel (not sure if that is good or bad)
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Originally Posted by PhilVo View Post

The duffel coat arrived just now. What can I say? This thing is so OVER THE TOP: The fabric is superb (what else can you say about 750g/m of pure Cashmere?) and I love the colour. The navy is not too bright and is perfect for the coat. Absolutely timeless. Even though I like the Orange and green versions as well, navy is in my opinion the colour to go for: You don't want to spend this much money and not have a truly timeless piece. In terms of fit, the duffel is spot on and will allow for some layering - I am only wearing a dress shirt below the coat on the pics. I am wearing a size 50 in my Everest Parka and 50/52 in most of my Cabourn gear and went for a 50 in the
Coat as well. The duffel is bit wider at the bottom which underlines the oversized look without actually looking ill-fitting. I will post a review of the Oil Cloth Everest Parka later and also compare it with my navy Ventile one. Sorry for the office bathroom pics, that's the best I could do for now.

Also two pics of the off-white shirt and gunmetal wool V-neck I got for my dad. On pictures, these two items didn't actually really overwhelm me, but once you feel them and see them in reality, they are super cool.


Fit sounds like it looked in some of the photos with the bottom bowing out a bit more.  Looks good on you mate.  I agree on the color and wanting the item to be timeless.  Still at that price I'm sure some of us would jump on the green and possibly the orange as well.  Still for me a duffel in navy is the way to go.  Wanted one the day I saw Dead Poet's Society.  Have a Gloverall, but have never worn it.  Sort of in between sizes. 


Originally Posted by PhilVo View Post

Following up on my earlier post, below my review of the Black Twist Everest Parka:

The jacket is super heavy and the Oil Cloth outer material is very sturdy - in fact, it looks kind of vintage and is quite oily. That's the kind of feel I would expect of a proper wax jacket. I particularly like the detailing with the brown interior lining and the red lining in the sleeves. The brown lining seems to add some extra warmth and has a rough touch to it (a bit like the material that big coffee bags are made of). Compared to my navy Ventile Everest Parka, this jacket is definitely sturdier, however, not as puffy / light weight, which will likely result in a less insulation. The waxed one is ideal for a walks in the forest between trees or to ride a bike ride - basically anything that could potentially rip any other jacket's outer shell won't do any harm to this one. Overall, the Ventile one looks a bit classier as it is not that faded and can therefore be worn with a suit. I like them both - crazy how two jackets can turn out so differently with a change of fabric.

Again, please excuse the office toilet snapshots!


Yes, vintage a is a great way to describe the look of the oilcloth jackets from last AW.  The deadstock army blanket lining adds to that affect and while it's not some great wool specimen like say something from Fox Brothers, it's a nice detail considering the style of the pieces and does add some warmth.  Wore my navy Aircraft Jacket yesterday.


Both pieces look great Phil even if I should be telling you otherwise.  ;)

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Originally Posted by Mon Dieu View Post

There was a Everest in stone/white in a 50 way to big for me


I'm fine with white jackets for SS and even AW, but not in the Everest for some reason.  Would grab that "winter white" special edition (Scott's expedition I believe) duffle from a few years back though.  I think I could have nabbed one but passed because I already have the green.  


Originally Posted by JChance View Post

I almost went for that Maroon cricket blazer but too bad it's made from cotton...


Originally Posted by irbe View Post

Cotton looks substantial though, made from Fox Flannel (not sure if that is good or bad)


Might be worth a punt at that price.  Fox Flannel is nice wool with the Cabourn pieces I have in that fabric.  

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Looks as though that CWP was just grabbed.  Good pickup if anyone got it.  Oilcloth and with that deadstock army wool blanket lining.  


Based on what I know about what is left I'd recommend the following:


-Shirt Jacket in khaki.  Steal at that price and if they had a 50 I'd have grabbed it.  

-Cricket Jacket.  If you'd wear it why not?  Great price and I think @Eric Gill Sans has it and has said it's nice.  

-x Eddie Bauer Mac.  Only ever a sample I'm guessing or minimum production at best.  Really nice piece from the sound of it.  Looks like it runs big.

-Four Pocket Vest.  Arguably the best looking sweater vest I've ever seen.  

-Hunting Vest.  It is Harris Tweed and works on it's own.  Fishing "patch" comes off too. 

-Mallory Vests.  Green is selvedge denim and a nice piece.

-Six Pocket Tenzing.  Nice basic piece though I think it runs small.

-Unlined Tenzing.  Probably nice as well.


That Cape Cameraman is quite fitted, so just note if you're considering it.  48 is more like a 46 in a lot of ways if the 50 I tried this past SS was any indication.  

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Don't know why the either vest is there, had the hunting vest and by it self it is very nice.





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Good point about the Cape Cameraman running small

The 48 will be more a 46

My 46 is very tight and I can get into most of Nigel's 44's
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If you have paypall confirmation for the transaction, is that enough?

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Depends... I once placed an order with them and some items were gone
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Only trousers left in a 34 waist at £75. The only ones worth grabbing are the khaki but seeing as I'm well stocked up on real mccoys in khaki, 'll give them a pass
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Nice post

I went to a Shackleton exhibition a few years ago in Liverpool docks and the photographs were remarkable

Also been to the Shackleton museum in Dundee which is great

I'll be dressed like one of those men in the photo tomorrow as I take my Morgan out for a spin in the freezing weather - probably wear a 4 way roll neck over the Scott collection vest with the Coastal Command flying jacket and an NC beanie
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Or I might even wear my Scott Collection balaclava and really scare the neighbourhood !!
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