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I am hoping some of the other Cabourn fans will be able to help me out. I ordered the denim Notch Work Jacket-size 50 from the Marrkt sale. I have just received it today. It only has one tag which reads "Jacket/Shirt, Size No.2". The camo Notch Work Jacket I bought two years ago,which is size 50, has the same type of tag, but it is "Jacket/Shirt, Size No.3". It also has a size 50 tag.

So, did Marrkt send me a size 50 or a size 48? Judging from the fit, it is definitely tighter in the chest than my size 50 camo. Any one with any experience with these jackets and the different size tags?
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A size 2 is a Japanese size, a size 2 is not even close to a size 50 which is IMO a Medium. A size 2 would be more like a small.

Send it back for a refund.
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^That is why I wish they put the chest measurements for the items. Their CS is non existant, I've emailed them a couple of times and I never get anything back.
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Supposedly they had some issues regarding sizing. Some of the items they received had labels with the wrong size indicated. so they went off of actual chest measurements. Hopefully others will post experiences with their purchases.
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My denim notch work jacket is definitely smaller than a size 50, probably a size 48. The label inside which indicates that it is a 'size no.2' is correct. Unfortunately, the people at Marrkt decided that it corresponded to a size 50. From my experience, Cabourn items which have both sizing tags indicate that size 2=48 and size 3=50.

So, I will now have to ship the jacket back to Marrkt (at my expense) for a refund. If anyone is interested in this at my cost, $220.00, let me know asap before I send it back. I would also consider any trades for other Cabourn items!

I would be interested in others experience with their purchases from the latest Marrkt sale.
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Regarding Marrkt:

Thankfully I got them to measure the jacket at which point I found out they were small and size was in Japanese and not European sizing.

You can contact Marrkt online via live chat as they're the same company.

They don't appear to reply to emails - at least not very quickly in my experience.

I didn't make a purchase.
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Marrkt were slow getting back to my emails one time, but other than that the customer service was good.  I've found the sizing to be true Cabourn Authentic sizing as well, so long as the item was from the Authentic line and it all has been for me so far, so long as it was properly marked.  Sounds like a one off or it's changed a bit this time round.

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Not a lot left depending on size. 

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Marrkt have been quite good with their customer service. I am sending it back tomorrow for a refund. I'm on the hook for return shipping, but it could be worse.
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affordable knockoff
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is it fair to say Nigel Cabourn invented or re-introduced this style of the split fabric jacket - the cameraman?
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Marrkt was quite fast in their initial response, however, my last email has been ignored for several days. I have shipped the jacket back, unfortunately, at a cost of $60. I will get a refund, but I have not received an answer from them regarding the return shipping cost.
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oh they say they will Co ed shipping?
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No, but it doesn't hurt to ask!
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Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots View Post

Is this the suit jacket?

Sorry for late post but I've just caught up with recent posts

This was called the 'pocket work jacket' from SS11. It's very roomy in fit and made in Linen denim
I have it in a 46 with the matching Hospital Waistcoat/vest and is one of my favourite Summer Cabourn pieces
I got mine from Selfridges in London when they did Cabourn for 2 seasons
I washed it to shrink it a little which worked really well
The same fabric was used on the deck jacket and a pair of matching trousers by ARN - Corniche still have a pair in 30. Although all the trousers were half an inch smaller in fit which didn't help
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