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Just done a quick bit of googling

It was from the Japanese Mainline collection - came I three colours - green, navy and the orange in your photo

Short Parka Wet Weather Type

It's either SS12 or AW12 - difficult to tell from the dates on the blog posts
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Think it's from their AW12 line. Also did some goggling. Recalled Unionmade had it last year. Won't be getting it for awhile since I had it shipped to us mailbox and won't make trip yet. Was going to use it for spring summer. Heard good things about ventile so eager to see jacket
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Has anyone here had any luck contacting Cabourn customer service through their websit?

I recently purchased a jacket on eBay, and when I got it, two of the "ladder" part of the clips were broken.

I emailed them to see about purchasing replacements but never heard back.

Anyone know where I could find replacement parts?
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emailed them on many occasion , and never had a reply ..

Kyoni who used to work for them would get back no problem ..

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heard back from them, I think they are very busy with it though. i made a puchase from there web store.

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Originally Posted by NickJohannessen View Post

The 14oz store in Mitte has the green duffle. Not sure about the size, but I spent a few minutes just savouring the feel of the fabric when I visited there at Xmas. Incredibly nice. Worth 2k? A duffle worth a decent secondhand car? Hardly. They also had quite a lot of other Cabourn stuff, including an absolutely superb Harris Tweed Cape Cameraman.

The 14oz on Kudamm has the holy grail of trousers in stock though, at only 299 euros a pop. The Bombay Pants in 4 different varieties of Harris Tweed. As rare as hens teeth?

More about my trip to Berlin here:


Nice blog Nick

When I was in Berlin in November I only had time to nip into Manufactum which didn't have any Cabourn in - should have gone to 14Oz instead

It's a pity 14oz don't have a web shop - I've got a feeling they are possibly working on it
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Thanks Eric. The two 14oz shops definitely are the place to go seek Cabourn. We dropped by Manufactum, which is an experience in itself, and I did see a pile of Cabourn trousers. Nothing too interesting though. They used to have their own tailored versions of some Cabourn pices, but the shop (near Bahnhof Zoo) we were in didn't have any of these in stock. Not really the place you'd go looking for this type of kit though, the fact that they had the trousers seemed more out of character than something that fit the profile of the place.



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Barneys has the cameraman jacket with tweed vest in the blue on blue color way in size medium for $799...awesome price if you ask me.

Call their Madison ave store in NYC and they are more than happy to help.

I called to track down an XL, and of course my size is never in stock.
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Meant to post link...

If anyone sees this jacket in an XL for around that price, this guy is interested
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as in 54 ?

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Yes, a 54 would be what I need.
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only seen 54 in Khafka , and Ushowu ..

not as low as that though ..

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Does the cameraman come with a "vest" as standard?
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No, I believe it's a new thing for this season.

I'm sure everyone has different feelings about it, but to me, it seems like a way for them to jack up the prices even more.
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