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Originally Posted by nigritude View Post

Can anyone comment on the sizing for the cameraman? I'm getting confused because some sources say that the 48 is a small whereas others say it's a medium. I'm a solid medium in most of my other clothes, so if anyone could give any comments or their experiences, I'd appreciate it.

At a guess I think if you are a medium in most clothes then you are going to be a 48 or 50 so its trying to work out which one - if you cant get to try one on, i would study carefully the measurements on Endclothing's website for the new Cameraman jackets and see if you can relate them to a jacket you already own and fits well

I get a tailors tape measure and do this all the time to try to work out the fit before buying if I can't get to try it on

Hope that helps
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Is FW13 Mallory fabric color different from FW12? As Blaugrana said differences might be due to light?

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Superdenim is now up.  A few different pieces than End or Corniche and definitely competitively priced.  Superdenim also takes some nice photos if you want to see the products up close.



Originally Posted by engar View Post

Is FW13 Mallory fabric color different from FW12? As Blaugrana said differences might be due to light?

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I was referring to the difference between End's photos and Corniche's.  Still the Mallory colors apart from say the indigo look similar to previous seasons'.  I'm sure they're different, but the difference is surely subtle. enough.

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Is Superdenim's "navy" mallory the same thing as End's "indigo" mallory? They look like they could be the same fabric allowing for differences in photography.
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The Superdenim Navy is the Black Navy, that is a regular colour for the Mallory jacket, the Indigo is a new colour which is more vibrant than the black navy.

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Thanks .. then End is the only place I can see the indigo so far.
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Originally Posted by cold war painter View Post

Thanks .. then End is the only place I can see the indigo so far.

And Corniche!
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Looks like the green Hunting Jacket has already sold out in all sizes at End Clothing

Kafka now online with a few AW pieces

Development on the Cabourn site - there is a AW13 tab and the title of a Pea Coat but no image yet so watch that space!
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More from 'Cabourn Watch'

Present in London aren't getting in Cabourn's AW13 collection in despite them doing really well with selling the SS13 collection

I think it is because they would have probably have had to order it prior to them selling the SS13 collection

Interestingly when I was up at the Converse x NC launch at End some months ago, when I was talking to Drew, I did overhear a conversation with Nigel about Present not going forward with the collection because of Nigel's desire to open a London store and looking at properties.

I believe Trunk clothiers in London are still going to stock the AW13 collection in London though but watch this space
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Last year was my first with Cabourn - AW12 Crazy Cameraman and Crazy Mallory.  For Spring 13 I purchased the Camo Notch jacket.  I have to admit that nothing is grabbing at me this season.  I do not need another Cameraman nor do I need another Mallory.  There was a double backed hooded overcoat (not the Cashmere toggle) which was shown in the lookbook - it was interesting however I shudder to think about the price.


I am surprised dealers continue to buy into the parka's (Everest etc.).  They are extremely pricey and many seem to always remain at the end of the season - often at marked down prices.

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Space filled !

Trunk clothiers just posted some Cabourn AW13 pieces

Some nice simple 'v' neck knitwear at sensible prices
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Yes, Kafka's been up for a few days now.  Looks like they played it safe with their buys.  Kafka's a great shop btw.  Never been there of course, but their customer service online has been great.  Reminds me I need to put in an order.


Trunk went up yesterday.  Another different buy when you compare it to End and Superdenim, but it looks rather limited at the moment.  They seem to do well with their Cabourn and it moves really quickly.


AW13 isn't grabbing me entirely just yet.  I think a lot of pieces are still on their way though.  It is growing on me the more I look at it.  Like buzz I don't really need another Mallory, though I think I "need" :) another Cameraman.


That Hunting Jacket upon further review has grown on me.  Prefer the navy to the green, but they're out of my size anyway.


I still think the SS Collections, at least the last two, are underrated.  I went a bit overboard with SS.  Problem is I'm an outerwear guy and Nigel does sooo much outerwear.

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Thinking about a Ventile Camerman in the sales but they only seem to have 48's, I take a 50 in the 'regular' Cameraman, was wondering if the Ventile one is a bit of a larger fit with it being a bit more 'floaty' and not as rigid. Has anyone any experience of the Ventile one?
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Anything about the wool vest from pitti?

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Originally Posted by Eric Gill Sans View Post

And Corniche!

Thanks! .. but they still don't have my size, they don't seem to ever stock 46s for some reason. (I promised myself a blue Mallory this winter so if I can't find an indigo one shortly I guess I'll "settle" for navy.)

I like the pieces at Trunk, not very many of them but it's all good stuff. Trunk seem to be pretty good generally about keeping to a cohesive aesthetic.
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