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The shirt looks great close up and great photos

Thanks for posting

What are the washing instructions?
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Sorry double post
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Wash luke warm, and WRING LIKE A ROPE to keep the wrinkled finish!


The British made shirt has the tab inside the sleeves to keep them rolled up. I`ve got 2 Japanese heavy cotton ones, but the British made one serves the purpose better - the finish is a little rougher than the almost too perfect Japanese finish.

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the Maroon Stripe Compton Jacket is tempting, very british and old school.
However i can wear this "summer jacket" in winter only because i live in a place where is hot like hell.


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Nice shirt. Not sure if it's the same but I'm sure I've got one from a few years ago that is a similar style. Will dig it out when I go home this weekend to check. Do you think you will always wear it wrinkled? It's the one thing that is sort of putting me off that shirt. Would it look alright ironed or is there anything about the shirt that may be put off by ironing it?

I'm going back home for the Scotland match this weekend and I'll be in Edinburgh on Saturday so I'll be popping into Corniche for a good look at the new collection and hopefully try a few pieces on. I've got my eye on a few items so it will be good to see them in the flesh. Hopefully I won't hate any of the items when I actually see them. I think I'm looking to pick up at some point over the season the camo waistcoat and jacket and the crazy cricket waistcoat, maybe a jacket to go with that too. Out of interest, if you guys picked a jacket to go with the cricket waistcoat which one would you get? Based on the pictures, I've got a rough idea which one I prefer but it's always good to get another opinion.

I'll probably look to buy one piece at full price (unless I'm really blown away then I may pick up another) and try and grab the others at sale time so it just a matter of working out which items might not make it to sale. I'm thinking the cricket waistcoat as I've only seen it at 2 retailers. Any thoughts?
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I`m sort of happy that I don`t have to iron it, but I agree that look may would look fine ironed as well.


I`ve a cricket jacket on its way from Present London, and will surf the net now for the waistcoat - I havent seen them, but sounds great.

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It goes with the Compton jacket. The only places I've seen it are Corniche and Coggles Would be cool if there is a matching jacket but I asked previously and nobody answered so I think there are just the two solid Compton jackets to go with it.

Speaking of Corniche, there are some interesting comments from Ian about this season's Cabourn collection on their blog
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Now that is interesting - the fact that Authentic moves away from UK manufacture, and the sizes of the new ranges. As I`m a 52 but a 37" waist, could anyone tell me of the fit of any jackets? I`ve got my first two on the way - shirt jacket and Cricket Jacket - so will comment when I get them, but any thoughts on fit and sizes between jackets, and sizes of shirts one wears...? Thanks

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Have not seen any photos upload of the Irvine Rucksack Parka so here some of mine. Its from the AW09 collection and was the second piece I bought a couple of years ago
Its fully lined with ventile with the hood and backpack also made of ventile. had only the one in stock in 09. I think it was £1500 at the time.

There are some better photos on this blog.
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My camera is not the greatest but here is a photo of the two raw cameraman. I think you can still see that there is quite a difference in the shade of yellow.

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Thanks for the recent posts - interesting info on Ian's blog - thanks for the link, I've not read that before.

A few questions come to mind

Corniche are the only UK stockist not to get the Authentic shirts in, instead preferring the Japanese Mainline thick cotton shirts at the higher price point.

There was a email from Superdenim mentioning that the new Authentic shirts were made in Portugal but then another after saying 'Made in England'

I assumed from this that the fabric was made in Portugal but the garment was made in England.

What does it say in your shirt Daisawaguy?

Legally the black Authentic label can just read 'England' even if made elsewhere but it would have to say where it was made elsewhere on another tag

Ian refers to the jackets being short, slim and youthful - these are definately the unlined Cricket Jackets which are a departure from the usual volumeous creations.

As to the crazy Compton stripe cricket vest - yes get it now as this piece is really limited and its a fabulous waistcoat . Unfortunately I would have to go to Japan to get my size - no 46's and I've missed out on the only 48 which was at Coggles.

It's such a bold design, I would pair it with either the darker Compton stripe jacket or a navy jacket.

Doesn't look like there is a crazy Compton jacket to match as I assume we would have seen it by now which is a real shame

If both had been available in 46's they would be hanging in the wardrobe right now.
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Actually I've just changed my mind on what I would pair with the crazy Compton Cricket Vest.

I dont think I would pair it at all with either of the Compton stripe jackets. I just think it would get lost under all that stripe - I would experiment pairing it with a plain colour jacket - green, navy , khaki or grey.
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

Anyone seen this piece before? :

Yes I've seen it, although not in the flesh. It's a collaboration with Belgian store/label Bellerose. A 2012 take on the Cabourn rope belted Duffel coat design (there was a black one in 2010 I believe). What's interesting is that it is apparently made in Belgium using Belgian fabric. Since the classic Duffel coat takes it name from woolen cloth made in the Flemish town of Duffel this makes a typical Cabourn kind of sense.
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Originally Posted by Morph View Post

Have not seen any photos upload of the Irvine Rucksack Parka so here some of mine. Its from the AW09 collection and was the second piece I bought a couple of years ago
Its fully lined with ventile with the hood and backpack also made of ventile. had only the one in stock in 09. I think it was £1500 at the time.

There are some better photos on this blog.

Quite an awesome piece - thanks for sharing

It was January 2010 when I first discovered Cabourn so missed out on this one. It didn't appear in my size anyway in Europe so it wouldn't have been an option anyway.

I contacted Drew last year to ask that if NC was ever to do this piece again to make sure he gets one made in a 46 for me. The response I got back was positive but that it would be unlikely to appear again in the near future collections.

But a truly great jacket named after a real hero
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