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Hi again, any experience with the show down puffa jacket? This can be found pretty cheap on ebay often. I'm thinking about warmth. It looks pretty nice. The coastal command was sold today, I guess it was not meant for me.
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Originally Posted by kojiro View Post

Crazy mallory sucks.

I really like it shog[1].gif
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I like the Crazy Mallory a lot. A really distinctive jacket, if that's what you're after. Also, looking at the colours in reality, it's not actually as "crazy" as it may appear on photos. The photos tend to really accentuate the the different colours/patterns, while in normal lighting inside, it's more muted.


Mine will be under the Xmas tree tomorrow though, so I haven't done more than a brief trial fit. Sizewise though there appears to be very little difference between 50 and 52, going by my other two Mallorys. This size issue was also highlighted when looking at Cameraman the other day and comparing 50 and 52, the difference is hardly noticeable. Makes it hard for those of us buying by mail!



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AW12 - Surface and Aircraft jacket. 


Does anyone know the difference between the Surface and Aircraft jacket when it comes

to the material (e.g. thickness)?





I tried the surface jacket - its a really nice jacket. 

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The elbow patches on the crazy cameraman is a deal breaker for me.
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I like those elbow patches on the crazy Mallory, but they do look a little out of place on the Cameraman.

Anybody who has had a Mallory for a while feel it loosens up at all? Still concerned about the narrow shoulder a little
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I'm sure it's been asked before, but a quick trawl doesn't find it. I'm a snug 52 in the double breasted coat and can just fit a thick sweater under the cameraman in a 52. On some sites the Mallory's measurements look smaller - any thoughts on how it compares?
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my Mallory and Cameraman, both in 50, fit the same (a little on the snug side, hence my new Mallorys and Cameraman are in 52)



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I purchased my first two Cabourn pieces this season - a Crazy Mallory and a Crazy Camerman.  I have had them for about two months and I absolutely love with them.  I took a 50 in the Mallory and it fits absolutely perfect.  The 52 had approximately the same shoulder width however the body was too big.  The Cameraman, on the other hand, I found to run small.  With a paper thin cashmere sweater underneath a size 50 would have been passable - I took the 52 which allowed me to wear anything under it.  Great iconic pieces - and great service from End Clothing. 


I question what his Spring collection will look like - from the little I have seen of past collections it seems that it may be more difficult to buy.  A spring crazy camerman yes - however it might be too close to my new winter one!

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Originally Posted by NickJohannessen View Post


my Mallory and Cameraman, both in 50, fit the same (a little on the snug side, hence my new Mallorys and Cameraman are in 52)



Cheers. Just got to hope the post christmas credit card bill isn't too frightening, or the sales drop the prices enough satisfied.gif
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If it's of any use when I tried on the Mallory a few months back, I was able to size down one on the S/S one compared to A/W one.

I will have to pass on a Mallory this year, I think. Really liked the Deep Navy one this year when I tried it on but I finally got the cameraman I ordered last week and I may have treated myself to the Great WW1 Coat as an early Christmas present.

Also, Flannels have started their sale if anyone's interested. Is it wrong that I really want the sleeping bag jacket? Have no idea how I could pull it off but I seen it in Present a few weeks back and it looked amazing. They had it styled really simply with a cream Arran jumper underneath. The fabric is nuts.
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Thanks for the input everyone, it's appreciated.
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

I really like it shog[1].gif

I too like it. At first when I saw it, I thought it look kinda of comical. But seeing it more I can picture myself wearing it. I would pick up during sale time, if I didn't grab the Mallory in the army stripe this season and also the fact I'm eyeing other stuff
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Hmm I don't know.. what bothers me with crazy mallory is the discord between a blazer and 'fun' fabric combination it's made of. I know NC stuff doesn't neccassarily qualify as elegant/formal wear, rather 'casual wear with class', but still- I think 'crazy fabric' just doesn't get along with a blazer. Just my humble 2c of course.

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^I view mallory more of a coat / outwear piece more then a traditional blazer you would wear when you indoors
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