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Just got my stripe army tweed mallory from the sample. Love the construction and fabric. I tried it on and it was a little big and boxy, sleeves seem full. I could have sworn last season I tried on a 48 in the navy and it fit perfectly. Not sure if this is a tad bigger because its perhaps SAMPLE. Has anybody washed their mallory yet? I know it was done here:
But want to hear peoples experiences. Also it says to lay it in the sun, No sun where I am so wondering if washing it in warm water and just laying out will still cause it to shrink.
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Just noticed a bunch of new stuff added to the Marrkt sale. A nice Mallory in size 48. I picked up a pair of braces at the bargain price of 20 pounds, down from 75 (!). Perfect!

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I would wait for summer before trying to wash and dry it out, the sun is needed to make sure the fabric is aged and the heat is needed to make sure you don't damage the material - the fabric can degrade when it is damp for too long. I would be patient and wait for the next bit of sun and it is the best thing with a Mallory and most pieces of Cabourn - they get better with age. 

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Lol kay good to know. Btw hope you didn't mind me posting your blog. Would a dryer under LOW heat work? I just want to wear the jacket so bad that is all
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Oh, man, please don't put your Mallory in the dryer. That is, unless you have one of those shelves that you can insert into your dryer so it lies flat while the dryer is running.
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Not sure if it would work with a dryer at a low heat it is always worth dropping them an email directly as they are normally good at getting back to you 


But I would say the sun is the important factor to getting the 'look and feel' right but I have been wearing my new crazy Mallory without putting it in the sun and it has been looking fine. 

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Anyone from the states have their stuff ship from the marrkt sale? Mine is still 'processing', i emailed, no response.
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Yes, I received my stuff on Friday
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I placed my order on the first day of the sale and it was delivered this morning.
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Originally Posted by kojiro View Post

Hmm I went for a Geddes in Moss colour version, I really couldn't make up my mind- all 3 colour versions are nice. Any thoughts on that guys? Which one would you pick if you were to settle for just one?

The blue Geddes is my favourite. I can imagine the tan and olive are nearer to military colourways, but the blue is really nice!
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I got the Geddes today. Quite happy with it. And confirming the obvious- you can size down.

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Anyone contacted Marrkt if they are going to post more stuff for sale?

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Originally Posted by gnu View Post

Anyone from the states have their stuff ship from the marrkt sale? Mine is still 'processing', i emailed, no response.

I had the same problem, but then I contacted them on the chat ( and it worked.
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So my Geddes arrived (for the second time after the wrong size was sent to Zurich and back again) and the consensus is right, sizing down is the way to go.
Also, agree that the tan is much darker in person, more olive, which is cool.
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