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pics of the Navy Classic Cameraman. Great jacket but as i said before, does not compare to technical fabrics of today in respect to weather proofing, comfort, weight etc, but it is styling.




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Nigel Cabourn, Weathered, Evisu, Quoddy[/IMG]
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I have decided to sell my cameraman jacket since I have not been getting much use from it. It is size 48, 2010 Mackintosh and Harris Tweed version. It is the beige/green colorway. I thought I would post it in this thread to give the other Nigel Cabourn fans first dibs before I list it in the classifieds or eBay.

This is a preliminary interest check, hopefully I will have photos and price info asap. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

After saying I wasn't going to order anything, I couldn't resist the prices on Marrkt. I picket up the khaki peak lapel jacket in linen, and the khaki linen four pleat pants. Those were the only things I had been interested in, so it was nice that they made it to about 80% off.

I finally returned from my travels and opened my Marrkt package. The linen jacket is quite nice. It fits me well in the chest and shoulders, but is a bit big in the body, like both of my Mallorys. The sleeves are about two inches too long, so I will have to have that taken care of. The trousers are pretty amazing. They fit great, like all Cabourn trousers in 34W. It turns out that they are both the same linen and weave, but the trousers are slightly lighter in color. They're both very nice pieces, especially for the meager sum I paid. Cabourn sample sale comes through again.
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Fairly interesting piece about Nigel and AW12:
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I will be reluctantly posting one of my Cabourn jackets on eBay UK at some point over the next few days but I thought I would share on here first to see if there would be any interest in a sale or trade.  I got the jacket from the superdenim sample sale early in the year.  I somehow managed to access the sale early (purely by chance) and was able to fill my basket and checkout before the scheduled start time, bonus!  There was only 5 listed, all size 48.  I have never seen it anywhere else so it is a rare piece even by Cabourn standards!





It is the same style as the famous beeswax Naval Camo Parka from the SS11 season but with a few extra details and is made of non waterproofed heavy nylon.  I managed to find a picture of it being demo'd in the Cabourn studio 




I've worn it a handful of times are there are some slight surface marks to the material but it is in overall excellent condition.  I thought it was an interesting piece and worth sharing.  Get in touch if you have anything you'd like to ask or have any offers in mind - if anyone has the beeswax version in a 48 I'd be very happy to do a deal biggrin.gif




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Well well well... Just announced by Marrkt:

@Marrkt_Store: Our next Marrkt event will be Nigel Cabourn Fall Winter 11 stock and plenty of the Eddie Bauer Collab. Share it with your closest friends.

Looks like it goes live in just under 13 days. Is that enough time to save up for some more good stuff? :-)
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I'm game.
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Damn, I don't know if I'm going to make it in time with the money.. And I'm in for quite a few items.

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Totally didn't think there would be another Cabourn Marrkt sale until at least January, if not February. I wonder what pieces they'll be stocking?
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I knew, but didn't get ready in time..

They are supposed to have a lot of Edde Bauer FW11 collab items and, obviously, the main line from FW11.

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Man hoping to score a mallory in 48. Want to Kop that before anything else
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seems like cabourn will be sold exclusively at sale prices at this rate! disappointing marketing IMO.
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