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I guess my black tweed tenzing jacket sees the most use and not just because I've owned it the longest. It's a really versitle jacket, very easy to dress up or down. My aircraft jacket and camo shorts saw a lot of use over the summer (I barely wore anything else)! I managed to get a cameraman jacket from the Marrkt sale recently, can't wait to get some wear out of it. A tweed version is still the dream but I'm very happy with the one I've got and the price I paid for it.

It was quite funny when I learned that Mr Cabourn lives and works in Gosforth which is literally just down the road from where I live in Newcastle. My wife thought she saw him riding the metro one day (the metro is a small scale local version of the tube in ) but I haven't managed to see him on my travels... yet!
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Originally Posted by kojiro View Post

Ah, Mallory.. my next purchase after Everest / next Coastal Command :)

Which season / color is this navy Mallory on the left? It looks absolutely great! This is Turunen's collection, I hope you don't mind using your photo, I just re-paste it here as you already used it earlier. -edit- I found the image of the Mallory which Turunen posted, so I'm re-posting it:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Any idea where/if can I get that Mallory and which season is it? I hope it's F/W 11..


By the way guys- Haven has some new NC fall items. Check out their stock:

Pretty sure it's FW 11. I remember LN-CC selling, best season yet imo

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Originally Posted by engar View Post

You´re welcome. The shop is really nice.
My Mallory was "fresh out the box" and I tried the military green Mallory just to check which one I prefer, even if I pre-ordered the blue. I´m not sure about which pieces they have but I saw fairisle bags, not sure if they are sweaters or vests, and the staff said that they ordered Cameramans and Mallorys (neither downs nor parkas).

On their home page there's a photo of F/W 2011 stock around the shop, do they still have pieces from that collection in the store?

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Yup, just done some digging and found it as well, but it' seems it comes from  F/W 2010. But I (my internet sources :) may be wrong.. anyway- it proves I can only count on resellers either way.. Thanks Yolo.

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Was at the Barney's in Beverly Hills and saw the crazy cameraman in person. Price tag was 1,999. I think EndClothing is selling it a bit cheaper. Nonetheless this piece was quite amazing. Here is a photo I took from my iPhone.


And a fit pic (size 50)

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^not keen on the arm patches, did they have the blue? is it very dark in person?

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yet not liking the patches either.


Deets on your trousers? :)

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At the time Barney's only had this jacket in the green. It is slightly darker in real life.

@yolo emshi

The pants are Nonnative.

Here is a couple links for your info just in case (scroll to middle of page)

and here
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Originally Posted by evel View Post

^not keen on the arm patches, did they have the blue? is it very dark in person?

I have seen the blue and felt that it was quite dark in person. A lovely coat though and the pick of the collection for me.

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^cheers, i just thinking the blue is to dark to show the detailing on the jacket as well as the green does, but then it will also show less dirt i suppose!  hmmm gonna have to get my ass to a store and check these out!


@ S3lam the 50 looks like a good fit on you, do u mind me asking how tall u are? we look like similar builds.

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Crosspost from waywt. I'm 6'4, 210 and I'm wearing a size 52.

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Originally Posted by cositgotdark View Post

Afternoon Gents, first post from a long time lurker.


I've been a big fan of Mr Cabourn and the brand for a number of years now and have been gradually building a modest little collection.  For me I love the design, the materials, the quality, the craftmanship, the heritage - everything the brand represents.  The only downside is I now find it really hard to be interested in anything else! My bank balance and wife aren't much impressed by this.


Although this isn't Cabourn specific I thought I would share this as it might interest some of you.  I've just received a newly released hardback called Vintage Menswear - A Collection From The Vintage Showroom published by Laurence King


It catalogues 130 key pieces from The Vintage Showroom in London and goes into the history and design of each piece.  It's a really interesting read and you can see where the inspiration for a lot of Cabourn pieces comes from (I say inspiration, some things just look like modern day copies!).  Here's a video about the place and the book where you can see a very Cabourn looking cold weather parka





Great book and the place sounds really interesting, definitely worth a look in when I'm next down in London

That's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with the same addiction and a disapproving wife.. ;-)

Nice video btw, that must be the original RAF parka that Nigel has based his on..

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@evel. Yeah the 50 fit pretty good. I am roughly 5'10" and 175 lbs. Hope this helps.
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^ yeah spot on, cheers

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In case anyone in size 48 is looking for anything, theres still quite a number of nice items still available at the sale. Only one day to go now. Not much left in other sizes though.




WTB: NC Harris Tweed vest/waistcoat size 52

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