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I pick up most of my Cabourn at LN-CC, it always has the best sales, picked up some great pieces at 70% off over the last 2 years. On this occasion I got the Aircraft at Coggles, although a few places went to £200 on it, Oi Polloi in Manchester being one (a great store).


For me a Mallory has to be in Harris Tweed, any other fabric doesn't have the same draw for me, or justify the prices. My favourite, and the one I wear the most, is this army green tweed, the flecks of colour in the tweed are quite something.





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I got the linen mallory at 400, so not too bad at all.


One of the ones I wish I would have gotten was the light gray with orange stripes.  So damn nice.



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Me too!!!! I wish I bought the plaid Mallory when I have the chance. Instead I got the brown herringbone twill one which is still very nice.

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Originally Posted by nixda View Post

One of the ones I wish I would have gotten was the light gray with orange stripes.  So damn nice.


I got this one (along with the gray/blue windowpane and the herringbone in RAF blue), love it, I wish I could find the matching vest and tie in 52 or 54 (same for the gray/blue)!
I wear those Harris tweed Mallory all fall and winter, they are nicest jackets I own.

Tweed Run:

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I love the matching vest, which I have in the navy but the pants and tie would be a bit too much for me.  


As far as the see-through on the aircraft jacket.  I bought the khaki one in oil cloth and don't mind the see through at all.  I wear it mostly when it's rainy and I think over time the oil may wear out a bit, giving it less of a see through look.  Either way, don't mind it much.  You can feel the oil on the cloth but it doesn't seem to come off on other clothes in case anyone was wondering.  

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I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I am eyeing a peak lapel jacket in linen and am having a tough time finding measurements. Size 50 in the cameraman and in the aircraft jackets fits me well. Stick with a 50 in the peak lapel? Thanks for any advice.
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If it's this one you are talking about:


Then I would go with 52.  I'm the same size in the cameraman and aircraft as you (50), and I trust the End Clothing descriptions and measurements. So if I was buying for myself would go with a 52.  I'm a 52 in the tweed Mallory as well.

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Thanks so much for your input - I am looking at tartan linen peak lapel jacket on Cultizm. I agree that the vest might be best in a 52, but I worry that the jacket might be too loose in the pit-pit in a 52. Another site quoted me a pit-pit of 23" in a 52 in this type of jacket, and that sure seems broader than the measurements in the wasitcoat. Any insights? Again, thanks!
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I'm not sure about the Madras check version, but I would email Cultizm.  They are really amazing folks there and very helpful.  

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jcook, The items that I've measured at home, albeit nothing Cabourn yet, have all been in line with Endclothing's measurements. 

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Does anyone have any experience with the Cabourn Hunting jacket in Turner canvas? The material is quite stiff and I am curious as to whether it will fit better after it is 'broken in'. My jacket is size 50, and I am wondering if I should have sized up to 52? I have it listed for sale, but no interest yet, so I might start to wear it and see how the fit changes as the canvas softens.

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I'd recommend soaking the tweed Mallory to anyone who hasn't tried it yet, I found the fit was greatly improved after I did mine last summer. The fabric also feels and looks better, I'll be doing my green Mallory if the weather in the UK ever improves enough this summer to dry it outside...






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Did you just soak it or follow the instructions on the army gym blog?

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Lineage of Influence just posted Cabourn's Scott's Last Expedition book. Far too much stuff that I like...
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Originally Posted by turunen View Post

I'd recommend soaking the tweed Mallory to anyone who hasn't tried it yet, I found the fit was greatly improved after I did mine last summer.

Well that's something, fitting is already perfect for me so I guess a soaking will only shrink the jacket... And make it quite uncomfortable to wear after the process! chickchica.gif
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