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faux tuck... untucked shirt, buckle shows

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My server was down a bit, here's better pics of the prints:

The quality of the screenprints is good (made by a company that normally does pretty advanced metal t-shirts)

Anyway, I'll go fot some combat boots, I really liked what I saw in another thread here about that.
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Instead of a watch, you might want to consider a bracelet. Look at the possibilities. It's easier to make a poor choice there, however. Anything very colorful or elaborate would be distracting.
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The shirts look well-executed. Not my thing, really, but very nice. Does that sort of thing have to be licensed by Ayn Rand's estate or any similar entity?
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I could see myself wearing something like this (for the top look), but I kinda need to get used to the thought before I try. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/as...D2LY60L61X2G9H


To be honest I'm not totally sure. I know there's atleast one company selling similar stuff that is not associated with any Ayn Rand organisation. Although I doubt it is unlawful to sell them I will ask for permission before I make a web shop with them. Actually anything that would help spreading her ideas would be in their interest, but you never know. Objectivists arent exactly known for being easy to deal with.
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Originally Posted by Urbatect
Objectivists arent exactly known for being easy to deal with.

Must... resist... the urge....

The designs look good, though. This coming from someone who despises Ayn Rand, too!
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Urbatect, I pm'ed you, but I guess I'll ask here too. What do you print your shirts on? I really like your designs, but if you print on something like American Apparel I can't wear it. Their fits just don't work with my body.
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I didnt notice the PM, sorry. I replied to it now.
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I bought these boots a couple of weeks ago and I'll probably get a belstaff jacket too. I have a hard time deciding between two of them though. One choice is a biker jacket that is the same color as the boots, or a black aviator jacket. Unfortunately I could not find the exact aviator jacket, but here's the biker one The aviator jacket is not one of the asymmetric ones, but a rather straight black jacket with some really good looking pockets and a great collar. The aviator jacket looks super open, but the motorcycle jacket fits like a glove.
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