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Viberg boots- Any experience?

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Looks like Leffot is carrying them.

I'm not sure how versatile tan color is, would like the darker tan/dark brown.

Anybody have them?
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I have been wondering the same thing. Originally being from Vancouver, I find these appealing. They have a strange allure to them, in an 'ugly duckling' sort of way. They may also succeed in upping my manliness quotient.
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I just went by their shop today, as with multiple centimeters of snow on the ground, I thought it prudent to get some boots of the wintery variety.

In person, the tan is pretty attractive. But not as much as the black or the brown (they also have a redbrick-like colour that I was not keen on). I personally went for a customized boot (which, sadly, will take 8-10 weeks).

Price points for many of the handcrafted, made-in-Victoria boots seem to start in the $350 range (they have a line that is made for them overseas which starts at a much lower price point, and though obviously not the same quality, are still decent boots). A number of boots delved into the $400 plus range. Leather quality seems to be high, some nice Vibram soles on most of the boots, and construction quality is impressive (their handcrafted boots can be recrafted, boots have a steel support shank, many boots have stitch-down or nail down soles). Plenty of options for steel toes, tongue protectors, etc.

Customization prices can be $25-$50 and more on top of the baseline price of the boot you're customizing. I was lucky in that they didn't really have much in my size, so they were a little more liberal on the pricing, since I was wanting slight changes on a stock boot (such as a different leather, different sole, and slight alteration to an existing boot pattern), and were willing to make these changes with no increase in price over the stock price (since they would have had to create the boot anyway, as they had no stock in my exact size).

One note, is that the boots tend to be generous on the sizing, and stingy on the width. I tend to be a 15D, but found myself looking to a 14EE.

I'll expand more when I get the boots at the end of January. When winter is over. Oh well.
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Are you a large person in every aspect or is the feet the one large thing on an average sized man?
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Generally size 15 feet. I'm 6'8" and about 225lbs. So, yes, larger than most, though height and weight proportionate. Not just in the feet. Although, I bet I would be super sturdy, were that the case.
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Cross post these in the creepy sartorial images thread
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Originally Posted by CrocsRock View Post
One note, is that the boots tend to be generous on the sizing, and stingy on the width. I tend to be a 15D, but found myself looking to a 14EE. I'll expand more when I get the boots at the end of January. When winter is over. Oh well.
Hi CrocsRock,how are the Vibergs,did you get them?.the fire and ice sole?.i also have a 15D size foot and was told they fit large through an email,i'm curious what you think of these boots,they only have dark brown in these sizes.I have to ship them in and i'm worried that they won't fit.Do they look huge in this size?.i have 2 pairs of 20-30 year old scarpas being stretched from a size euro 48=14,my feet grew over the winter.
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Yep, I had them come in at the end of January. We then promptly got ourselves a couple snow dumps, so I got to take them for a test drive. I'm definitely glad I sized down, as the 14 seems to be bang-on. I went with the EE width, as I was anticipating having to wear thicker socks with colder weather (the D width was just a hair snug). However, they're very well-made and do a good job of insulating on their own. YMMV, but in hindsight, I do wish I'd gone with the D width. That said, either way, I'm on the fence width-wise so I just make sure to wear a pair of thicker socks, and they're fine.

As for the sole, I just got one of the standard Vibram soles... looks to be the Sierra (pull up the Bobcat if you want to see what the sole looks like). Plenty chunky and grippy, since most of what I have to worry about is ice.

One other note: depending on what you order, these boots are primarily billed as workboots (Viberg is only just starting to get into the fashion side of things). So they may not be as slim and sleek as other boots out there. They're big, heavy, insulated, and utilitarian (not in a bad way, they do what they're meant to do, they'll protect your feet, and they'll hold up for just this side of forever).
I know Viberg has their Service Boot which is a little sleeker (and starts at about $150 more expensive) that they've partnered up with Four Horsemen to relaunch. This is also available to the Japanese market. I have no idea if Viberg will carry this boot themselves through their own webpage and storefront, though. They also have the Scout, but I'm not sure of the pricing on that one (I'm guessing well north of $450). I wound up going with a slightly taller, modified Foreman, but with the Sierra sole (off the Bobcat).

If I remember, I'll throw up better pictures than what they have on their site (honestly, a lot of their boots look better in person). And for shits and giggles, I'll weigh them (first day wearing them, felt like I'd spent the day doing calf exercises).

Overall, I'm very happy with them. Only difference is I'd have gone to the D width. But that's simply because it doesn't necessarily get cold enough to warrant wearing thicker socks around here. Next time I head back East for and Ontario winter, I might revise my feelings on the matter.

Pics to come.
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Thanks for the reply..The foreman looks like a great shoe with the sierra sole upgrade,hmmm may look into that one someday. I'm looking at the 66 Hiker with the fire and ice sole,.i wish viberg would have some choices as to the leather can have any colour you like in the 66 hiker as long as it's brown. very fordish!!!!!! Post plenty of photos,i may just change the hiker to the "as long as it's black you can have any colour" foreman model,looks really good.
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You can pretty much get any boot in any leather option. Just call Viberg up and request a "street collection" catalogue which has detail of the available leathers. This is for their Asian market, but they are more than happy to sell direct to stateside customers. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the street collection boots are marked up for the Asian market by about $150 and you will have to pay the mark up as well I really can't blame them...small company with limited capacity so why not fill it up with higher margin products. Weird, selling high-quality North American made products marked up with a premium to China...kind of reverse of what we Americans have grown used to.

Also, have a look at Vibergs blog at or check out Ultrasound boots on facebook which has a lot of great pictures of Vibergs with different well as White's and Wesco. Empty Garage out of Japan also has some great pics of Vibergs, White's, and Wesco to give you good ideas on how to customize a really cool pair of boots.

Personally, I rate Viberg boots very high...on par with White's and Wesco...maybe even higher. Keep in mind the Viberg Boot Company only employees like 16 people, so they can be a bit "mom and pop-ish" to deal with but are good people. Brett Viberg runs the blog and deals with the Asian marketing side of the house, and he is pretty responsive when you have questions about options for their boots.

My two cents...
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I ordered a pair of hikers about 3 weeks ago and the catalog the other day after reading your post about the street collection catalog,iv looked at all the above Viberg sights and all the boots look amazing,i want them all!..i could see how the Vibergs could be rated higher than the Wescos and Whites,looking closely they do seem heavier and better built..though i wouldn't feel bad owning any of them.If the size works out i'll be all over many more pairs of Vibergs,and one particular pair of Wescos.
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I was sized and ordered on March 12th a pair of Viberg #36 Bobcat size 9-1/2 4E in Merlot Chromexcel with brass eyelets and 2 speed hooks. Vibram 1276 Siera lug outsoles and natural midsoles.

I got the call April 12th and picked them up yesterday. A fantastic looking and fitting boot and I will post some photographs in the next few days.

They now have at their store a new display of their "fashion" boots and shoes and I subsequently ordered a pair of the #145 Oxford shoes in Iced Mocha Chromexcel with Vibram 2021 sand outsoles. I took a few pics with my iPhone and will post those here as well.
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Pics for sure. May I ask how much you paid for them?
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Local tv news story about Viberg

about 1.19 in, you see a half-made boot that looks like a Gentleman Traveller, which may be one of the "fashion" models.
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Off to the Viberg shop to pick up my boots. New display: Here are the Oxford 145 in Merlot Chromexcel. I ordered a pair in Iced Mocha Chromexcel for just over $300.
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