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Originally Posted by cultpop 0217
...and fok already addressed this but as a longtime member of both forums: in the (ahem) future we all should be more gracious hosts and considerate guests.
and if you must flame someone at least do the future proud. the nonsense earlier isnt even supertrash level material

And cult should know. If the future ever goes up, please look at the cultpop/shark title match in supertrash. Flaming elevated to an artform, everyone got their licks in.
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a flame isnt worthy if england doesnt chime in. if you dont have that within the first hour or so, then give it up.
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha
a flame isnt worthy if england doesnt chime in. if you dont have that within the first hour or so, then give it up.

truth ...........
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post #695 of 3627's cold in the ghetto
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hello all..
a few things..

-Self Edge online store will be up soon, we're testing out the site at the moment, first thing for sale will be Imperials then Iron Heart. and yes, still Free Shipping Worldwide
-please make superfuture come back
-who all is coming to the Superfuture x Self Edge SFO.001 Party? if you are coming, you RSVP with "Red" on superfuture yet?

love and licks,
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yo kiya, will you be selling the blue sugar cane workwear shirt on the online store in the future? I really want that shirt badly, and if so how much will it run me?
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife


I believe I see... a labia.
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you aren't allowed to look at works of art at work? for shame!
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do not click this link for the superchat... in fact, there is no such thing as superchat. just ignore this. seriously.
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there's no way i'm clicking that.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
there's no way i'm clicking that.
dooo eeeet
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chicken :: because he's seen you in the waywt thread, cmf.

Guest 7597 :: what a loser

Guest 7597 :: cmf

Guest 7597 :: why

cmf :: why what?

Guest 7597 :: how many haters

knucks :: why why what?

knucks :: who r u 7597?

cmf :: not enough... i need more hate

cmf :: i get too much love

Guest 7597 :: to fuel the fire

cmf :: i dont deserve it

Guest 7597 :: you are quite the loser in life, and you admit it

Guest 7597 :: so you get a little credibility

cmf :: true

Guest 7597 :: but i just find you extremely pathetic, and that gets my nerves going

willies :: he has vag fluid on his sammies

Guest 7597 :: but overall you're harmless

willies :: cant be all bad

cmf :: why is that?

chicken :: nothing is really that convincing when "Gues 7597" is the one saying things.

knucks :: im so confused

chicken :: not that chicken is that convincing either, but.

cmf :: whats pathetic about me?

oy :: way

Guest 7597 :: guest

oi! :: ha

oi! :: sup kids

chicken :: is that you, ande?

oi! :: me?

oi! :: no

poly800 :: whats going on here?

oi! :: sup polygraph

chicken :: killing time. like supertrash.

cmf :: some lurker is calling me out poly

oi! :: OH SHIT SON

cmf :: im extremly pathetic supposedly

oi! :: kick his ass seabass

troly900 :: true

chicken :: Guest calling someone out.

chicken :: pussy

troly900 :: word

oi! :: well cmf is like..120lbs?

oi! :: i kid i kid

poly800 :: too many lurkers on the board

troly900 :: soaking wet

oi! :: prolly like 160 cuz ur tall

poly800 :: cheap's a lover, not a fighter

troly900 :: mwa

oi! :: right righ..vag juice on em sammies

cmf :: 150, and yes... a lover not a fighter

cmf :: only people who want to fight me are ex lovers and bitches on messege boards

troly900 :: cause since message boards nothing else exists in your life

poly800 :: exactly, i got yr eback cheap

troly900 :: that's why you have an ex

troly900 :: and no other haters

troly900 :: lovers

cmf :: damn... tara? is that you?

chicken :: kind of like john belushi in blues brothers...

troly900 :: exactly and hes dead

chicken :: and a legend

chicken :: and ate two whole chickens

troly900 :: word

chicken :: so how are your sammies coming along boys?

cmf :: alright

cmf :: they look like jeans

chicken :: i guess we need another couple of months until they start to become really interesting.

poly800 :: good

poly800 :: yeah

poly800 :: thats what i figure too

chicken :: alright, time for me to go back to work.

chicken :: cluck cluck.

poly800 :: l8er chicken

cmf :: bye chicken

chicken :: peace

troly900 :: what is your wash process

cmf :: throw them in the wash when they stink

cmf :: you?

oi! :: i really wanna wash my jeans

oi! :: to get them to be stiff again..

oi! :: but i dont wanna lose indigo cz i want contrast to be fucking crazy when i finall wash em

cmf :: then wash them

troly900 :: i put my jeans in the dryer after 5 months of wear

cmf :: what kind of jeans?

cmf :: oi

oi! :: crate james iv

cmf :: ahh...

cmf :: dont know enough about those to say if it will be safe

oi! :: i wanted to throw em in when i can see fading on the honeycombs..but there aint much (i think)

troly900 :: and then i fill the dryer up with a hose and put some dr bronners in and then turn on tumble low

troly900 :: ever tried that

oi! :: another pair are my cheap monday but those fit well right now and i dont wanna soak em to shrink i dunno about that route..i have a feeling they will shrink to be super tight and i dont play that shit

cmf :: yeah trolly... the infamous dryer wash.

cmf :: tried it once on a pair of diorXeternal....

oi! :: tho i am planning to put my cheap monday on under my snowpants as a base layer when i go boardin this weekend.

oi! :: should be interesting for them breakin itn...

troly900 :: damn

troly900 :: i guess all this message board stuff pays off... you really are one step ahead of the game

troly900 :: cmfuture

troly900 :: how'd you get the water out after tho?

oi! :: out of what?

troly900 :: the dryer

The Ghost :: um hello

knucks :: um

knucks :: dryers...Dry

knucks :: why would they still be wet?

The Ghost :: this is the real tg

The Ghost :: who the fuck was being me earlier?????

troly900 :: me

knucks :: who the fuck ar eu

troly900 :: c

The Ghost :: jj

troly900 :: u don't know me, don't act like you do

jujube :: hello beautiful ones

The Ghost :: hi jj

The Ghost :: how are u

jujube :: good... burned out from studying, are you the real tg?

cmf :: now i want to know which one of the steez members is trolly

cmf :: fok? j?

cmf :: show yourself

real gt :: seriously

The Ghost :: im real tg yes

cmf :: teease?

cmf :: you bastard

The Ghost :: hi cheapness

cmf :: hey ray

real gt :: who do you guys think it was?

The Ghost :: some twat

The Ghost :: hey cheap do you still want some denim

The Ghost :: im getting rid of all my stuff before i move

real gt :: cool

real gt :: what you got for me

real gt :: where u moving?

The Ghost :: london

real gt :: oh cheerio

vagina pud :: fuck you all

The Ghost :: are you britneys pluckd chicken?

real gt :: cute

real gt :: pretty boring huh

jujube :: so many people

jujube :: i hate the ones i don't know

real gt :: with so little to say

The Ghost :: wow its a laugh a minute round here these days

real gt :: since cheap

real gt :: been all downhill

The Ghost :: wheres cult

The Ghost :: and dark

The Ghost :: and red

The Ghost :: and ddml

The Ghost :: chaty chatty chatty

The Ghost :: if you see keri tell her it wasnt me earlier

real gt :: ok

real gt :: you leaving?

The Ghost :: bye

cmf :: wow... real gt

The Ghost :: yeah its dull here

cmf :: tg... get at me about the denim

cmf :: not here tho

The Ghost :: ah

The Ghost :: if you want it you can have it for cost of shipping

cmf :: its all been downhill since me?

real gt :: cheerio

Japanese :: Selvedge

knucks :: 55

Japanese :: honeycomb

Japanese :: atari

cmf :: ok... ill take it ray

Japanese :: apc

Japanese :: apc

Japanese :: apc

Japanese :: dior

cmf :: any tees left?

The Ghost :: yep

The Ghost :: im doing a special jd for you still

cmf :: cool

cmf :: im still curious as to who the real gt is

cmf :: its kinda humorous

The Ghost :: green tea?

cmf :: maybe

cmf :: didnt think tea didnt like me tho

The Ghost :: who ever did a good job as me earlier

The Ghost :: i was like fuck was i sleep typing

jujube :: i miss supertrash

cmf :: me too jj

The Ghost :: i miss supertalk

cmf :: and i should have never put the link to this on the steez

jujube :: edit your post

The Ghost :: is q cue?

cmf :: post edited

cmf :: its like i opened up the gates of hell
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lol ninja ediitttt
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I'm going through Superfuture withdrawals, and this place is like my nicotine patch.
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