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ak47az....rings a bell.....ah yes, now i remember, the guy who pinched his jeans and claimed he didn't. what happened, did sufu make fun of his magical diagonal thigh whiskers too?
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That site went downhill when they changed their forum format. I'm glad to see more people posting here but it's easier to get someones help with a question over there.
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i'd like to like it here but all the waywts look like robert chambers and less than zero-era robert downey jr.s bastard child.
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i dunno...different streams of discussion goin on at these two places. i'd feel comfortable here talkin about cigars whereas i probably would look out of place doin so over there. the current events/entertainment discussions here are a bit more active and lively i think, that's what i like best about it here. Superfuture's a good place to just vent and talk shit i guess...SZ prob my favorite forum though, def the most stylish out of the three
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yeah. almost feel i get coerced into shit talking over there. but i'm not comfortable posting waywts here. i'd rather get straight shit on than advice like, "lost the shoes. get some chucks, a higher rise and less taper". chronaug and socal are like 2 of the only people on here who take a chance. of course cotton duck and stuff, but i mean more people who aren't on sufu really.
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sf-general chat
sufu-shit talk, market
sz-actual fashion discussion?
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yeah that just about sums it up i like sz because there's no shit talking or posturing...makes for a more enjoyable reading experience without having to filter through all that crap...on superfuture sometimes i have trouble sorting through all the one liners, most posts there don't even register because there's too many of them
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yeah. tell you the truth, i don't even know what the hell i like anymore. with kids, mortgage, business, etc. talking about fashion feels a bit trite. i went to the barney's sale the other day and couldn't even pull the trigger on anything. oversaturation I think.
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yeah i know what you mean...sometimes you just gotta take a break havent made that many purchases this summer...mostly just light summer clothes i can wear every day. Not much room for layering in hong kong heat... and for what its worth i think youre one of the more level headed dudes on these fora...along w/ SoCal, EGW and a few others...
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yeah, can't justify raf t-shirts and such when aa fits fine. i'm my own boss so noone gives a shit. i really only go overboard on f/w.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

sf-general chat
sufu-shit talk, market
sz-actual fashion discussion?

SZ is ????

Still new to all the fashion forums... SF seems nicer to newbies like myself.
Got a neg rep from ******* for asking a noobish question about street fashion from japan.
<thread title> \t01-15-2008 01:44 AM \t******* \tstupid idiot die

I'm green now but knowing how Sufu is, I might get neg raped 5 mins later after posting this.
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and sufu is fairly brutal.
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i find it hilarious how me, kunk and jetlenoir kinda single handedly took over the site in a few days. got a good rapport goin ... tbh if it was a forum with just the three of us i'd still be on that shit
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yeah, it's funny. you pull out some gangsta shit then follow it up with something thoughtful

jet spews politics or straight hate.

i combine jack handy-level deep thoughts and navel-gazing with ridiculous and unsubstantiated e-threats, yet no one will ignore.
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btw, you're right, it wasn't a big deal wither way, but jmat has been awful quiet since the party thread.
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