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That's what they call a pecker.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
dear tg and cultpopsicle, we cainnot goe on lik thes. i am bagining to thingk teh lizzurd suspex sumthing. i wil alweys think fondleey of youse. xoxoxo cheep
where is the rep at.... lock the thread has been won
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Haha, since I need no more clothes for a good year or so... I don't mind that Superfuture's gone yay. I think supertrash needs it's own server ^_^
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The site's back up, but the fricking database is still corrupt.
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khoipan haxored sufu .. bet money
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ok the sites good now =p
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i was multi tabbing, then i noticed the last few ones were still loading after 10 seconds. i thought it was my connection. bitches got me.
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Haha site's back down! Hey, who's up to do a Gabblychat session when superfuture is back up: we can chat and browse the future on the SAME DAMN WINDow! I know I know it's not skype and alot of you like to hear rirawin's voice but I belive it's more akin to the old school superchat than skype is. CHECKITOUT (especially when supertalk is back up).
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rirawin's voice is so nice though like the cooing of doves
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hey rirawin, what's up coo coo oh fo real? same here coo coo coo word
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skitzo bazzturd
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its so cute that you all are fighting over me... but im gonna go with tg... sorry guys, shes cuter.
Originally Posted by tg76
superconfession last night i dreamed i was a house wife in jacksonville, my husband was never home, i just watched free to air tv, baked cakes and drank beer
and i have bootleg cable tv... high class.
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who broke the future?
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jeeeeebus. secret steez is down too
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